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As the weather begins to chill and the leaves start to fall, we know that winter's cold and rainy days are soon heading our way. For most of us, the excitement of the Holidays and change in scenery are thrilling, but for
the sufferers of arthritis there is not much to look forward to. Cold days mean stiff joints,
trouble getting out of bed and pain at almost all points of the day. Luckily, humans are
able to ease the pain with medicine, warmth and heating pads. Unfortunately
humans aren't the only ones suffering from arthritis, pet suffer too.
Pets silently suffer the pain associated with arthritis and are often left untreated.
Read the list below to discover the signs of arthritis in pets.
Lagging behind on walks
Limping or appearing stiff after activity
Reluctant to climb steps or jump
Slow to rise after resting
If your pet begins to show these signs, there are several at home ways to ease their pain:
Glucosamine and Chondroitin are widely known for their roles in the support of joint health. Due to the overwhelming success in treating patients with osteoarthritis, these products have come to the forefront of therapy and are becoming the most popular products for supporting arthritis today.
Glucosamine is the major sugar found in glycosaminoglycans (GAG) and hyaluronate, which are important building blocks in the synthesis and maintenance of cartilage in the joint. Studies have shown that Glucosamine helps to improve cartilage metabolism and upregulates proteoglycan synthesis. Chondroitin is the predominant GAG found in articular cartilage. Chondrotin enhances the synthesis of GAGs and inhibits damaging enzymes in the joint. These active ingredients essentially help to aid in the reconstruction and lubrication of joints. Glucosamine and Chondroitin products generally take at least six weeks to begin to heal the cartilage, and most animals need to be maintained on these products the rest of their lives to prevent further cartilage breakdown. These products are very safe and show very few side effects. There are many different glucosamine/chondroitin products on the market, but the best results are from products that contain pure ingredients that are human grade in quality.
Glyco Flex III for Dogs Cosequin DS Joint MAX Triple Stength

Hylox Soft Chews Joint Treats PhyCox Soft Chews
Weight management is a major factor in joint disease prevention and
treatment that should be addressed. Helping a pets lose excess weight will ease
the pain and stress on their joints. Supplements that help with weight
management include Joint Treats, Vetri-Lean and Lean Dog.

Exercise is the next important step. Exercise that provides a good
range of motion and muscle building while limiting wear and tear on
the joints is best. Walking on a leash, swimming, walking on
treadmills, slow jogging and going up and down stairs are excellent
low-impact exercises. Whichever activity you choose for your pet,
it should be kept to a minimum, and excessive play with other animals should be avoided. Swimming is okay for extended periods of time and is highly recommended in extreme cases. For water play, check out Otis & Claude toys, they are durable, buoyant and great for exercising.
Otis and Claude Panic Mouse Nutrisentials Lean
Most people with arthritis find that the signs tend to worsen in cold, damp
weather. Keeping your arthritic pet warm, may help him be more comfortable.
Canine Parkas will help keep joints warmer. Beds with orthopedic foam such as
Thermal Dog Cushion and Canine Cooler Bed distribute weight evenly and
reduce pressure on joints. They are also much easier for the pet to get
out of. Place the bed in a warm spot away from drafts. Another great product that
can make your pet more comfortable the Bottom's Up Leash, a hind-leg support
harness for dogs with hip dysplasia, arthritis, or any other
problem that affects the hind legs or spine. You should also
avoid any unnecessary stair climbing. Ramps can be used to aid your pet if it has to climb.
Heated Pillow Bed Orthopedic heated Bed

Tunnel Sleeve
SnuggleSafe Heat Pad


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