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Zoo Med TurtleTub Aquatic Turtle Habitat Kit
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Zoo Med TurtleTub Aquatic Turtle Habitat Kit

Item: TT-40K
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Zoo Meds TurtleTub® replicates the natural "pond" environment that aquatic turtles (in the wild) live in, resulting in less animal stress. Features: A built in land / water area. Large land area allows natural basking and egg laying behavior. Lightweight and easy to clean. The TurtleTub® is available separately or as a complete kit. Made in the USA from 100% recycled materials. Additional Information: TUB SIZE: 39"L x 21"W x 16"D. The kit includes the TurtleTub® and one of each of the following items: Reptile Lamp Stand, Power Sun UV 100Watt, Mini Deep Dome Fixture, 511 Turtle Clean Filter, Reptisafe 8oz, Eco Earth Loose 8qt, Forest Floor 8qt, Natural Bush Plant. Also includes these Free Goods: Proper Care and Maintenance of Water Turtles, All Natural Aquatic Turtle Food, Sun-Dried Red Shrimp, Turtle Bone (floating calcium block).

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