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Zoo Med Tropical UVB & Heat Lighting Kit

Item: ZMLF-30
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Zoo Med Tropical UVB & Heating Lighting Kit includes a Mini Combo Deep Dome Lamp Fixture, Daylight Blue Reptile Bulb, and a 13 W Reptisun® 5.0 UVB Mini Compact Fluorescent Lamp.

The Mini Combo Deep Dome Lamp Fixture is a dual fixture which allows the two bulbs to work in unison. The fixture itself is made of polished aluminum, for maximum light and heat output. The extra-long reflector dome extends beyond the face of the lamp, which prevents the bulbs from sticking out. The dual ceramic sockets can be used with lamps up to 100 watts.

ReptiSun® 5.0 Mini is a 13 W bulb, ideal for tropical reptiles and amphibians. The special UVB transmitting quartz glass grants maximum UVB penetration. The cool burning mini compact fluorescent bulb screws into standard threaded sockets, which eliminates the need for a separate ballast. UVB emissions help prevent or reverse metabolic bone disease and UVA increases feeding, mating, and other natural behaviors.

Daylight Blue Reptile Bulb (60w) is a bright, naturalistic daylight bulb. It is ideal for heating reptile or amphibian terrariums. It is made of true blue glass, not painted or coated, which allows for better heat transfer. This bulb provides a daytime heat source, which benefits your pet's psychological health. The bright light also accentuates your animal's natural colors!

  • Includes Mini Combo Deep Dome Lamp Fixture, Daylight Blue Reptile Bulb and ReptiSun 5.0 Mini
  • Lamp fixture features polished aluminum for maximum light and heat output
  • Ideal for tropical setups
  • UVB helps prevent or reverse metabolic bone disease
  • This item has been discontinued. Looking for an alternative? Try other Lighting Products!

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    Warning, risk of fire. Read and save all safety instructions before operating lamp fixture.

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