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Zinpro Adaptarap Hoof Wrap, 3 count

Item: MWI116847
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Zinpro Adaptarap provide an innovative approach to wrapping treated hooves. One-of-kind hoof bandage designed to stay on the duration of treatment and fall off when treatment is over (depending on the environment and application technique). Unique multipolymer composition hoof wrap promotes healing of hoof lesions and features elastic-free properties, eliminating the risk of pressure wounds. Aids in the prevention of water and dirt accumulation, which slows healing rate and encourages lesion relapse. Adaptarap is 100% biodegradable; it dissolves naturally, reducing labor and improving farm staff safety. It will not plug manure handling equipment. Provides the same qualities of traditional Vetrap without the need of physically removing the wrap. Self-adheres with a small amount of water.

Key Benefits:

  • Dissolves
  • Safe
  • Adapts
  • Biodegradeable
  • Less stress on the animal as it is handled less.
  • Adaptarap is packed in bags of three individual rolls
  • 10 m x 120 mm (length x width)
  • Each roll is typically sufficient to wrap five to six hooves (1.5 to 2 metres per hoof)

Useful Information


  • Zinpro Adaptarap is a new multipolymer footwrap bandage that supports the resolution of hoof lesions and, as part of an overall management regime, helps contribute to a reduction in lameness in the herd and the maintenance of healthy hooves
  • Adaptarap naturally dissolves between two hours and five days after application, depending on the environment and situation
  • Adaptarap is not elastic and therefore will not stretch during application
  • Moisture determines the rate at which Adaptarap dissolves
  • Adaptarap is completely biodegradable

Tips for users:

  • The design of Adaptarap helps ensure a minimum amount of contact time between the treatment and the skin, with the footwrap dissolving between two hours and five days from application. The persistency can be extended by increasing the number of turns around the foot
  • During application, wrap in between the toes and around the foot but avoid completing more than 360 degree turns around the leg without passing between the toes each time. This will speed up the process of self-removal. Also, try to cover up to just below the dewclaws at the back of the leg so the wrap does not slide off during the treatment period
  • Once wrapping is finished, just wet the tail end of the wrap with water and it will stick to itself by applying slight pressure

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