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X-MAT Extra Foldable Pet Training Aid

Item: MP60006D
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Establish "Pet-Free-Zones" with the X-MAT Extra Foldable Pet Training Aid! Place X-MAT on areas you don't want your pet to invade, such as furniture, countertops, and houseplants! When your pet tries to cross an X-MAT, the tiny "discomfort bumps" deter your pet from treading on the X-mat, thereby protecting that area from any further exploration! The X-MAT is perfect for training younger animals, it's actually recommended by professional dog trainers! The X-MAT is a simple and safe way to keep your pet out of "Pet-Free-Zones"! Choose the original X-MAT for flat areas like countertops or couch seats, try the Extra Flexible X-MAT for chair arms and sofa backs, and lastly, the Extra Foldable X-MAT folds away for easy storage. Instructions: Place the mat, point side up, on or around an area that you want pets to avoid. The once cushy couch or tempting table top becomes a slightly uncomfortable place for paws. Specifications: This exclusive design features passive discomfort bumps that act as pressure points to condition your pet to stay away from the area where you've place the mat. Even after the mat is removed, pets will associate that area with discomfort and stay away. This simple yet effective training tool is a great alternative to shock collars, chemical sprays or hash obedience methods. Can be placed on and around counter tops, beds, sofas, tables, chairs, car seats, plants and doorways. Great for training puppies and kittens. Contains over 650 discomfort bumps. Size: Mat is 18" Square
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