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Working / Service Dogs


Roselle was on the 78th floor of the World Trade Center on 9/11. As Roselle guided Hingson toward the stairway, they encountered a woman who was having trouble seeing due to the smoke and particle debris. The brave Roselle led Hingson and the woman together down 77 flights of stairs to safety.


Trackr was one of the first K-9s to arrive at Ground Zero on 9/11. Twenty-seven hours later, the dog hero played a part in the rescue of the last surviving human of 9/11. She was found under thirty feet of dangerously unstable rubble and debris. Trackr was later then cloned before he passed away at the age of 16.


Dorado, a Labrador Retriever, was a guide dog for his blind owner. Dorado was on the 71st floor of the north tower with his owner when the plane hit. Dorado guided his owner down 70 flights of stairs. It took them an hour to get out, but they safety escaped before the building collapsed.


Riley was on top of ‘the pile' at Ground Zero on 9/11. After a long day of search and rescue, Riley was exhausted, so his handlers thought it would be more safe and quicker to hoist him along a Stoke's basket. U.S. Navy photo journalist, 1st Class Preston Keres caught this spectacular moment on camera.


Sunny, a Doberman, was working dangerously with her handler Shirley Hammond. They both were working courageously to find survivors. Working service dogs along with their handlers risked their lives during their search and rescue efforts as you can see in this photo.


Kaiser and his handler Tony Zintsmaster from FEMA worked the night shift at Ground Zero. Kaiser was hurt on the job, but pulled through and only missed one shift. As you can see in the picture, his front left paw was hurt. His courage and strength gave him the ability to continue rescuing survivors.


Service working dogs just didn't serve Ground Zero in New York City, but were called to action at the Pentagon. Gus and his handler Ed Apple did search and rescue inside the Pentagon on September 14, 2001