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Winter Toys Special

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The colder months of the year are here—for now. Make the most of the seasons and get your paws on our excellent selection of indoor pet toys. These toys will help your pet get through the winter with plenty of interactive fun. Some of these toys will even provide treats to satisfy any pet's appetite for fun. Last but not least, these toys are durable enough to make it to the next winter!

Unless your dog was bred to endure the cold outdoors of rain or snow, playing inside will be the better option. Take a gander at our selection of winter chew toys any warm-blooded canine would enjoy. From treat containing toys to interactive toys created to stimulate the mind, your dog will get through the winter effortlessly.

Indoor play is not a big surprise for our feline friends. Cats love to wrestle for catnip in the comfy confines of any home. These wintertime toys will test your cat's inner hunting instincts and you'll survey them like the nature channel!


For our full selection of toys, visit our Dog and Cat toy sections. Get a head start for the next few seasons with our Spring and Summer Toys Specials.