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Wild Tail Moving Ball with Furry, Floppy Tail
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Wild Tail Moving Ball with Furry, Floppy Tail

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Is Your Pet Bored? It doesn't have to be anymore… Wild Tail is an action-packed toy combining a 3" diameter motorized ball with a soft, 6" artificial tail. It is made of high-quality materials and is ideal for cats, ferrets and small dogs. Every now and then a fellow craves some real, action-packed, lively entertainment. Something that's challenging, fun, and good exercise too. Wild Tail is the answer. It rolls, wobbles, summersaults and leads pets on a wild, wacky chase. It's fascinating for cats, ferrets and small dogs… absolutely hilarious for you and your family to watch.
  • sturdy plastic ball
  • 3 inches in diameter
  • 6-inch long tail made of synthetic fur.
  • Uses one AA battery (not included). Instructions:
    To open, twist th eupper hemisphere counter clockwise
    While holding the motor securely with your thumb, open the battery tube and insert battery.
    Close swivel top on tube and the motor begins to spin.
    Replace the upper hemisphere and the WILDTAIL is ready for action.
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