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Westminster Dog Show 2013

2013 Westminster Dog Show Winners

hound toy non sporting herding
hound toy non sporting herding

Pet Supplies for a Champion Dog


Get your pet ready to take center stage with the best grooming products. Every dog handler needs to have their show dog looking the best. Choose from deshedding brushes to pet nail clippers.

furminator bamboo grooming oster grooming conairpro grooming

Skin & Coat

Show dogs have great skin & coats because they use the best shampoos and dog supplements. Using these pet products will help bring out your dog's natural shine and keep it healthy.

shedpro omgega caps PHS shampoos wild alasking salmon treats

Dental Care

Don't forget about dog dental care. Dog show judges look at dog teeth too. Brighten your dog's teeth while keeping them healthy and smelling fresh. These dental products help remove tartar and plaque buildup.

ora-clens oral hygine chews bonies cet pet toothpaste dental tooth burshes

Eye & Ears

Your dog's eyes and ears have to be in pristine condition to be a dog show winner. These clean ears and prevent tear stains.

otiderm optimex zymox earthbath eye wipes

Dog Supplements

Keep your future champion dog show winner healthy with vitamins and supplements. These products help them perform their best because they support immunity, digestion, stress and overall health.

vita tabs proflora tranquil caniox
Westminster Dog Show 2013