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Best Weight Loss Foods & Supplements

Humans aren't the only ones that struggle with weight. Infrequent exercise, incomplete or unhealthy diets, combined with slowed metabolism and age are factors in pet obesity as well. The key to weight loss starts with a plan that is followed by incremental changes and followed through on a consistent basis until it becomes a habit. Make a commitment to your pet's health and longevity by getting them started on a diet that not only low in fat, but high in all the necessary nutrients they need to function at their best.
A lot of pet food contain fillers that causes your pet to become full, but does not contain much nutritional value. These pet foods contain the major ingredients that really matters. Treats do not have to be associated with fat or junk food. These treats are specially formulated with the health conscious in mind. Easy to take and digest. These supplements help cut down fat and aid in the absorption of useful vitamins. Supplements can be also taken with Pill Pockets which dogs love and can also be put into their food.
Hill's Science Diet Weight Loss System Starter Kit Medium to Large Breed
Sale Price $58.99
Hill's Science Diet Weight Loss System Biscuits Small Breed (54 refills)
Sale Price $18.99
K9 Lean Dog (1 lb)
Sale Price $21.74
Vet's Best Right Bites Health
Management (2.4 oz)

Sale Price $5.29
Trim Treats
Sale Price $3.79
Vetri-Lean Plus (60 Tabs)
Sale Price $27.99
Blue Buffalo Chicken & Brown
Rice Weight Control (6 lb)

Sale Price $18.99+
Nutrisentials Lean Treats
Sale Price$2.99
NEW! Virbac Rebound Liquid Diet
for Dogs & Cats (8 oz)

Sale Price $5.99
Get Naked Low Calorie Dog
Treats (12 oz.)

Sale Price $5.99+
Pet n Shape treats
Sale Price $4.99+
Joint Treats Low Calorie Treat
Sale Price $9.99
NEW! Purina Wellsolve
W/G (25 lbs)

Sale Price $299.99
Lean Treats for LARGE BREED
DOGS 6-PACK (3.75 lbs)

Sale Price 38.99
Hill's Prescription Diet Therapeutic
Weight Reduction

Sale Price $21.99