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Vitasone with Hydrocortisone

Vitasone 0.5% hydrocortisone acetate spray, or 1% hydrocortisone leave on conditioner. Medicated Relief for Itching

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Medicated Relief for Itching

A Spray and a Leave On Conditioner

Vitasone® Leave on Conditioner is for management of corticosteroid-responsive dermatoses in dogs, cats and horses. Chitosan is a natural bio-polymer that's forms a protective film on the skin and hair. the protective film reinforces the hydrating and skin against damage from the environment. It has 1% Hydrocortisone.

Vitasone® Hydrocortisone Spray uses are to soothe itching, flea bites, dermatitis, skin irritations, and eczema. It has 0.50% Hydrocortisone Acetate.