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VetraSeb Advanced Ear Cleaning Wipes, 100 Count

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VetraSeb Advanced Ear Cleaning Wipes for cats and dogs are alcohol-free, non-irritating wipes used to clean ears and prevent microbial activity. These wipes gently clean without stinging or burning. They also dry and acidify the ear canal, which creates an uninhabitable environment for yeast and bacteria that thrives in a dark, moist, and alkaline environment. VetraSeb Advanced Ear Cleaning Wipes will eliminate odor and leave a pleasant cucumber melon scent. The wipes are safe for daily use.

Indications for Use

VetraSeb Advanced Ear Cleaning is an alcohol-free, non-irritating ear cleanser formulated to prevent microbial activity. VetraSeb Advanced Ear Cleaning Wipes for cats and dogs are formulated to gently clean, dry and acidify the ear canal and eliminate odor. Cleaning Wipes do not cause stinging or burning. Pleasantly scented and safe for daily use.


Active Ingredients:

Water, Glycerine, Polysorbate-80, Dioctyl Sulfosuccinate, Chloroxylenol, Salicylic Acid, Disodium EDTA, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Extract, Fragrance, Sodium Hydroxide, Propanediol, Tocopherol, FD & C Blue #1.

Useful Information

Directions for use: Apply liberally into the ear canal. Massage the base of the ear. Allow pet to shake head. Clean excess with a cotton ball.

For excessively dirty ears; apply 2-3 times daily over several days.

For maintenance of healthy ears; 1-2 times weekly or as often as recommended by your veterinarian.

Always apply after bathing or swimming.

Storage: Store at controlled room temperature.

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