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VetOne VetraSeb Tris Flush

VetOne® VetraSeb TRIS Flush is an antiseptic (antibacterial and antifungal) solution for gentle cleansing and flushing of ears and skin. Contains ketoconazole for the management of yeasts and fungi and preservatives for antibacterial activity. VetraSeb TRIS Flush contains phytosphingosine, an exclusive pro-ceramide to help support a healthy skin barrier. Phytosphingosine HCl also has antiseptic properties. For use on dogs and cats only. For the antiseptic cleansing of skin and ears.

  • Gently cleanses and flushes ears and skin
  • Manages yeast and fungi activity
  • Provides an ideal environment for healthy ears
  • Helps support a healthy skin barrier
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