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VetOne Sanctuary 256 Cleaner and Disinfectant

Sanctuary 256 is specifically formulated for use in veterinary practices and animal care facilities. At a dilution of 1:256 (even for killing Parvo), Sanctuary 256 is a neutral pH product that is non?irritating to personnel, non?corrosive to equipment, and does not peel paint or stain floor finishes. Sanctuary 256 is a dual-active cleaner-disinfectant designed to be effective against a broad spectrum of organisms that may present challenges in your facilities. At the ounce per gallon dilution, Sanctuary 256 provides one of the most cost?effective EPA?approved disinfectants on the market for your clinic's biosecurity needs.

  • Unique, dual-active chemistry kills Parvovirus at oz. per gallon dilution
  • Cost?effective dilution rates
  • Provides effective cleaning and disinfection in a single operation
  • Non?corrosive to equipment and clinic surfaces
  • Will not peel paint or damage floor finishes
  • Neutral pH and non?irritating to personnel
  • Fresh citrus scent