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UltraShield Flea & Tick Collar

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UltraShield Flea & Tick Collar kills fleas and ticks for up to 6 months! Less mess than topical treatments and easy to use!

  • One-size-fits-all design adjusts for small, medium, and large dogs*
  • An all-season, all-weather collar
  • Contains 4% deltamethrin insecticide specially formulated in a polymer matrix to provide effective control of fleas and ticks for up to six months
  • Ingredients

    Active Ingredients: Deltamethrin ...... 4.0%

    Useful Information

    Do not open package until ready to use. Dust forms on collar during storage. Do not get dust in mouth or eyes. Remove collar from package and stretch to full length. The tabs that held the collar in place will fall off when stretching; pull on any remaining tabs to remove them. Wipe collar with a damp paper towel or disposable cloth prior to applying, to remove dust on collar. Place collar around dog's neck; adjust for fit by sliding the collar through the buckle and restraining loops. Cut off and dispose of any excess length by wrapping in newspaper and placing in trash. Wash hands after placing collar on dog. The collar must be worn loosely to allow for growth of the dog and to permit the collar to move about the neck. Generally, a properly fitted collar is one that when fastened, will snugly slide over the dog's head. Maximum efectiveness may not occur for 2-3 weeks after the collar placement. Water does not affect the collar's effectiveness or the pet's protection. If the dog goes swimming or is out in the rain, it is not necessary to remove the collar. Absorbine UltraShield Flea & Tick Collar may be used in addition to a lead or constraint collar. Use only one Absorbine UltraShield Flea & Tick Collar at a time. Collar should be worn continuously. Apply a new collar every 6 months.

    Use Restrictions: Do not open package containing collar until ready to use. Do not use on puppies under 12 weeks. Do not use on cats. Consult a veterinarian before using this product on debilitated, aged, pregnant, medicated, or nursing animals. Sensitivities may occur after using ANY pesticide products for pets. If signs of sensitivity occur, remove collar and bathe your dog with mild soap and rinse with large amounts of water. If signs continue, consult a veterinarian immediately.

    Absorbine UlraShield Flea & Tick Collar provides full season, up to 6 months protection against fleas and ticks. Use Absorbine UltraShield Flea& Tick Collar year round for opti,u, control. Replace every 6 months or sooner if needed.
  • For LArge Dogs, Medium Dogs, Small Breeds & Puppies 12 weeks & older.
  • Sustained release formula
  • Long Lasting protection for up to 6 months.
  • Kills adult fleas. Prevents new flea infestations.
  • Kills fleas that may transmit anemia, bartonellosis, tapeworms, and Flea Allergy Dermatitis.
  • Kills ticks that may transmit Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, babesiosis, anaplasmosis, and Lyme disease.
  • Slide and stay design. Fits dogs of all sizes.
  • Fits neck up to 26". Fits right over existing lead collar.
  • Reliable alternative to flea and tick spot on treatment.
  • Water does not affect collar or dog's protection.
  • Consider bathing your dog with an EPA registered flea and tick shampoo if your dog is infested to provide immediate relief from itching and biting before applying Absorbine UltraShield Flea & Tick Collar.
  • Abosorbine UltraShield Flea & Tick Collar contains deltamethrin insecticide and has been specially formulated in a polymer matrix to provide effective control or fleas and ticks for up to 6 months.
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