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Traumeel Pain and Inflammation Relief

Does your dog suffer from pain and inflammation? Is your cat showing signs of arthritis or old age?

Traumeel for Pets

from HealthyPets is designed to temporarily relieve pain associated with injury, arthritis, over use, aging, and more. Available in a convenient gel, as oral drops, or in tablet form,

Traumeel for dogs, cats, and horses

works to soothe inflammation related pain. Traumeel for cats, dogs, and horses is a homeopathic analgesic designed to safely and effectively treat your pet from many different musculoskeletal conditions, including muscle and joint pain. Twelve of the fifteen ingredients in this product are derived from natural sources, making Traumeel for Pets a great choice for those who want to provide their pet with relief without it going through their fragile digestive systems. In fact, Traumeel is safe to use longer than ten days, making it a great long term treatment option for your cat, dog, or horse.
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