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Travel Essentials

When traveling with pets on vacation, whether you are driving or flying to your destination it is best to be ready for all you pets needs. You want to get to your fun destination as safely and comfortably as possible. So here are some essential must-haves to get you on your way to a happy vacation with your pet.

Always remember before taking your pet on vacation, consult your veterinarian to be sure that all required vaccinations are up-to-date and to receive a health certificate within ten days of travel.
First and foremost make sure your pets are protected for nasty bugs that will shorten your trip. Having Bug repellent sprays or even prevention products like Frontline, Advantage and Bio Spot is a must.
FrontlineAdvantageBio Spot
Have on hand Ark Naturals Happy Traveller and HomeoPet Anxiety to help relieve the stress if your pet gets air or car sick.
Ark Naturals Happy TravellerHomeoPet Anxiety
Have a first aid kit just in case of injuries. You never know when you pet may get hurt.
Whether you are driving or flying bring a Carriers and Kennels just in case of certain restriction that requires it. Transportation pet policies differ from company to company so be sure and check policy before planning your trip.
Have a pet bed or cushion to keep your pet comfortable and clam while traveling to make them feel like they're at home.
Water is always a necessity no matter the weather condition so having Lixit Dog Travel Water Bowl is perfect. This water bowl is made with durable plastic and designed prevents spills and splashes from happening. It also holds up to 3 quarts of water of those long pit stops.
Lixit Dog Travel Water Bowl
Wag Bags
As for pit stops, make sure you have Wag Bags for easy cleanup and also curb the amount of food that you give you pet for those longer stops.
For those long road trips or windy days protect your dog's eyes from the wind, dust and UV rays with Doggles.
Have a leash or a muzzle with you at all times as pet policies in parks and beaches may vary.
Joint Treats
Bring along healthy treats for your pet like Joint Treats which is an all-natural treat that is tasty and also provides joint relief in dogs.
In case your pet has an accident, make sure to bring along a pet odor and stain removers to help keep things clean.
Finally, do research on finding a local veterinarians and pet hospitals in area of your destination.
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