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Top Products For Your Other Pets

For pet owners that have pets other than a cat or dog, we carry a variety of products for birds, horses, fishes, ferrets, reptiles, hamsters and rabbits. Shop at to find quality pet supplies and popular pet products for your other pets. Here are some of our top sellers.


The Feather Teather Bird harness was developed for preventing tragedies of fly-aways. This product is ideal for biking, boating, hiking, picnics, etc. The harness is fitted for perching or walking so that your bird doesn't have to be stuck in a cage all the time. Each size is adjustable to ensure the safety of all of your feathered friends.


Thomas Labs Bird Products can help control the non-specific bacterial infections, common gram-negative bacteria, local infections and other related problem associated with pet birds, exotic gamebirds or racing pigeons.

Joint Max Triple Strength EQ Granules for Horses is a powerful glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Creatine, Antioxidant, Vitamin and Mineral supplement with added EPA and DHA for improved skin and joint health.
Thomas labs Fish Products Antibiotics offers products to help control non-specific bacterial infections in exotic, ornamental and aquarium fish only. Products includes: Fish Cillin, Fish Cycline, Fish Flex, Fish Flex Forte, and more. thomasfish
NUPRO Ferret Supplement helps treat your ferrets to a healthier life by providing balanced protein, vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes crucial to their diet.
Ferret Fun 5-In-One can keep track of your ferret friend in the house. Take him for a walk and play with him out in the backyard. You'll be able to hear the bell on the adjustable collar so your ferret won't get lost.
Rock Heater is a hydrated rock material that is twice as strong as cement or pumice. This hydrated rock material conducts heat more evenly without any hot spots.
Rep-Cal Calcium: Phosphorus and Vitamin D3 Free for reptiles. Calcium deficiency is a major dietary problem of captive reptiles and amphibians. It is important to maintain a proper calcium and phosphorous ratio of 1.5:1 in their diets.
Yogies for Rabbits is a delicious and healthy snack made with easy to digest yogurt. It comes in a tasty carrot flavor, sure to please the taste buds of your furry friend!
Biddie Buddies Palace is prime real estate for your small friends. The innovative design offers lots of royal chambers for pets to play, explore, and rest. The easy-clean design is well-ventilated and draft-resistant. Don't just give your small pets an ordinary hamster cage, give them a palace that they can run around and explore in!
Biddie Buddies Exercise Ball comes in assorted colors and allows your pet to roam safely outside its cage. It is made of easy-clean translucent plastic that allows your pet plenty of visibility. Let your small pet run around outside their cage freely in this fun, translucent colored exercise ball !
View the complete list of products for your other pets: birds, horses, fish, ferrets, reptiles, and rabbits. We also carry a wide selection of products including nesting hair for birds, health supplements, fly controls for horses, feeding supplies and much more!

Is there something you would like us to carry that we don't already have? Submit your pet product suggestion here.
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