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Top Pet Toys

Top Toys for Your Pets by Simran Virdee
Last week we asked you to vote for your pet's favorite activity now we're hear to tell you the "Must Haves" in dog toys. No matter what your pets' favorite activity is, whether it's playing fetch, frolicking in the water, or simply having a relaxing day, inside there's no reason they shouldn't have the latest and greatest toys.
Water toys for dogs
When playing in the water it's always important to make sure your dog is not only having a dog- gone time but that they're equipped with the right toys.
Kyjen H2O Toys
These toys are great for any dog that loves to play in the water. They're floatable and are made of water repellant neoprene. Additionally, these toys are durable and fun to play with. Kyjen H2O toys come in a variety of colors and styles including football, volleyball, disk, rope, dumbbell,and ring.
Rita Ball
Otis and Claude Rita "the beautiful way to have a ball". It's the perfect size for endless fetching. Features a center core for packing tasty snacks and floats for hours of beachside frolicking.
Bettie Fetch Toy
Bettie Fetch Toy keeps pets on their paws with the unique erratic bounces. It'll provide your pooch with hours of fun and exercise. Bettie Fetch toy is perfect for playing by the water or tossing around in the park.
When playing in the water, it's always important to make sure your dog is not only having a dog- gone time but that they're equipped with the right toys.
Floyd Fling Fetch Toy
This collection of toys will make your pup the coolest dog on the block. These toys are not only stylish but fun to play with. All the toys come in fun colors that will please even the pickiest pup.
Ruff Dog Kit
This Kit includes one of each: RuffDawg toy for your dog, one K9 Flyer, K9 Flyer Jr, The Stick, The Twig, and The Rock. This is great for dogs that need a variety of toys.
Planet Dog Fetch Toys
These toys are great for all pets! Their line of toys are top notch, it's made extremely durable, bouncy and buoyant. It also features a minty-scent that pets love.
No one ever said that taking your dog to the park had to be boring. Pump it up and make it something different every time. Try these following toys that will sure to be the bark of the neighborhood.
Dog Agility Starter Kit Obstacle Course
This kit is great for giving dogs the exercise they need and want. The Dog Agility Kit is a fun way to get other pets involved. Combine it with a variety of other toys to come up with new and exciting.
Bamboo Dog Fisher Rod & Reel Toy
Great for playing the water or for a simple game of catch. Give your dog the latest toy that will make other dogs wanting to run in and join in on the fun.
Pet Strollers
Treat your dog like royalty; take them for a ride in these hip new strollers made just for pets. Whether you want to take your dog for stroll around the park or are looking for a place to let them relax after playing, these strollers are amazing. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. A must-have for anyone with a pet.
And now for all the cat owners; just because your cat doesn't like playing in the water or playing fetch doesn't mean there's nothing for them. In fact, I'm here to show you the top toys for your cat.
Panic Mouse
This toy is great for cats who love to play. It has a built in computer and is battery powered which means your cat can enjoy hours of endless fun while you get your work done. Panic Mouse comes in a variety of styles to please even the pickiest kitty.
Cat Fisher
The toy is exactly like the Bamboo Dog Fisher & Reel toy only it's for cats! The toy features two cat- nip scented mouse "lures" and casts up to 40 feet. For those who have dogs as well combine this toy with the Bamboo Dog Fisher for a fun time that'll keep both pets wanting to play together for hours!
Wild Tail
Wild Tail is perfect for cats who love to "play ball." The unique tail on the ball will keep curious cats busy for hours.
: Ideal for cats who love their mice. This toy is the real thing; it features the look and feel of a real mouse. Your cat will never know the difference!
Lattice Balls
An oldie but goodie! The jingle bell inside and bounciness of the ball will make even the most tired cat wanting to play. Made of durable plastic, these balls will last a while and will always be in season.
Playing with your pet doesn't have to be boring; when equipped with the right toys anytime is play time. For households with multiple pets combine these toys for a good time. As always it's important to use caution when playing with your pets.
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