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Top 5 Things Every Dog Should Have

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Dog beds prevent your dog from using your expensive couch or chair and are actually good for the animal. Also, dogs, especially larger ones, should not lie on hard surfaces. They can develop calluses or sores over bony protrusions (such as the elbow). Dogs with arthritis can benefit from a dog bed, especially one crafted for arthritic dogs.

Give your dog a safe, cozy place to stay, crates can make training your dog a lot easier. Housebreaking goes much faster when you use a crate and destructive chewing becomes easier to control. Traveling is safer for both you and your dog when he's in a crate

Check out our top sellers below or head to our Bed and Crate sections.

Otis and Claude Sleep Round crate Cloud Beds
Otis and Claude SLEEP Rounds Coolaroo Beds Batik Cloud Bed
MidWestHomes for Pets iCrate crate Crate
iCrate Doskocil Country Barn Petmate Training Wire Kennel

Games allow us to build a relationship with our pets through play and toys are an important part of these games. Buy toys that lets your dog mimic hunting behaviors like retrieving, herding and guarding. Chew toys like KONG are essential to prevent your dog from chewing your belongings. Please see our top selling toys below or head to our Toys section for a complete list.
Jed Ball Rubber Chicken Blue Kong
Jed Ball Rubber Chicken Blue Kong

Get a leash for your dog that keeps your dog safe. Choose a length that allows for good control. Check out our wide selection of dog leashes. To see our complete selection of leashes click here.
Flexi Leash TazLab Sporn
Flexi Leash Tazlab Safe-T-Stretch Collar Sporn Halter Leash

Treats help reinforce the special bond between you and your dog and are a good way to reinforce positive behavior. Treats also help during training. You can make your dog's treat a healthy, low calorie treat like Joint Treats that helps keep joints healthy. Check out our top selling treats below or see our complete list of Treats and Pet Foods.
Joint Treats Spizzles Bonies
Joint Treats Spizzle Treats BONIES Natural Dog Treats

Cleaning supplies help to keep both your pet and home, healthy and fresh. Cleaning up after your pet can be a real chore, but with the right tools, you can turn that chore into a piece of cake! Check out our top selling cleaning supplies below or for a complete list, head over to the Pet Cleaning or Odor & Stain Removal sections.
Green Dog Cleaner Urine Off Spray Crypton Cleaner
Green Dog All-Purpose Cleaner Urine-Off Odor/Stain Remover Crypton Pet Disinfectant/Deodorizer