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Top 10 Popular Cat Breeds

1. The Persian
Temperament: Persians make great family pets because of their calm and loving temperament. They are known for being quiet cats that can get along with other cats within the same family.

Health Risks: Persians have an infamous squishy face and short nose. Respiratory problems are sometimes associated with the characteristics of the breed. Otherwise Persians are a hardy breed with little known associated health problems.

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1. Kitty Kaviar
2. Petmate Burrow Bed
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2. The Maine Coon

Temperament: Maine Coons are giants in the world of cats. They enjoy the company of humans and are known to display the same quasi dependent characteristics of dogs.

Health Risks: Maine Coons can take up to 3 5 years to fully develop mentally, and often act like kittens in their adult years. Their size makes them prone to hip dysplasia, like most large dogs.

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1. Panic Mouse
2. Plush Squirrel
3. Joint MAX Granules for Cats

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3. The Exotic
Temperament: Exotic Shorthairs are playful, fun loving and sweet. They are the shorthaired version of Persians and are just as loving.

Health Risks: Like the Persians, their facial features can often lead to respiratory problems and also tearing. It's important that their faces are kept clean amongst the wrinkles.

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1. Furry Mouse
2. Around the Eye Cleaner Swabs
3. CET Cat Chews

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4. The Siamese

Temperament: Siamese cats are calm, intelligent and people-oriented. They are somewhat talkative companions that are very friendly. They are notorious for going up to strangers and demanding to be petted, in an affectionate way.

Health Risks: They are known to be climbers and jumpers, which can possibly get them stuck in trees and on top of things they can't get down from. Otherwise crossed eyes and kinked tails are the only known health risks, but both are mainly cosmetic.

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1. Sisal Rope Cat Post
2. Cat Fisher Rod & Reel Cat Toy
3. Otis and Claude Climb

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5. The Abyssinian
Temperament: Abyssinians are extremely active and playful cats. They make great family pets as they love human companionship. If left alone for long periods of time they can often become lonely and may need another cat companion to play with.

Health Risks: Renal Amyloidosis which causes kidney failure is often associated with the Abyssinian cat. Only a few breeding lines have kittens with Renal Amyloidosis, otherwise there are no other known health conditions associated with the breed.

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1. Wild Tail Moving Ball Toy
2. Black Cloud Bed
3. Lean Treats for Cats

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6. The Ragdoll

Temperament: Ragdolls are quiet and sweet cats, known to be great companions. They love to be around people or entertaining themselves by chasing flies around the house.

Health Risks: There are no known genetic defects for Ragdoll cats. However, they do require grooming at least twice weekly to maintain their silky coat. Keeping them mat-free will help prevent hair balls and other digestion problems.

Spoil Your Ragdoll With:
1. Chia Cat
2. Dr. Kruger's Cat Formula
3. Bamboo Shedding Blade

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7. The Birman
Temperament: Known as a mysterious and intriguing cat, the Birman is extremely easy going. Although they do require some human attention they are far from needy and do not require constant companionship. They can spend most of their time alone, and do not necessarily do well with other cats and dogs without proper socialization.

Health Risks: Like many cats, there are no known health risks associated with the Birman. Cats that are not purebred are prone to more health risks so breeders should be researched before purchasing.

Spoil Your Birman With:
1. Pit'r'Pat Fish
2. Leather Catnip Mice
3. Lucy Pet Bowls

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8. The American Shorthair

Temperament: American Shorthairs are the perfect balance of calm, quiet and playful. They are a great family pet and are very protective of children and family members. Unlike some cats they are not constantly demanding attention or love. Although independent, they are similar to dogs because they enjoy being trained to fetch and do tricks.

Health Risks: The only known health concern related to the American Shorthair is becoming overweight. Keeping your Shorthair on a balanced diet and avoiding the chance to give your cat too many treats will ensure a long life for your furry friend.

Spoil Your American Shorthair With:
1. Trim Treats for Cats
2. Ba Da Beam Laser Cat Toy
3. Kitty Hoots Tail Chaser

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9. The Oriental
Temperament: Orientals are well known for their talkative personality and need for attention. They love to follow their owners room to room and cannot stand to be apart for long periods of time. The Oriental cat breed is well known for being extremely vocal and loving.

Health Risks: Obesity is a common problem, but can easily be avoided by exercise and a healthy diet. Other than that the only other known genetic problem is having crossed eyes, but this is merely cosmetic and does not affect their health.

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1. Lattice Balls with Bells
2. Cat Zoom Groom
3. Fit-Nip Treats

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10. The Sphynx

Temperament: Sphynx cats are outgoing and friendly. They love to be your companion and will follow your heels much like a dog. It's said that because they have no hair they love to cuddle up to other animals or humans for warmth. The Sphynx breed is thought to be one of the most intelligent breeds.

Health Risks: Owners of Sphynx cats need to bathe them regularly to keep their coats clean. Other than that, there are no known health risks associated with the Sphynx breed.

Spoil Your Sphynx With:
1. SnuggleSafe Microwave Pad
2. Vita-Soothe
3. Greenies Feline

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