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Tetra Whisper IQ Power Aquarium Filter, 10 gallons

Item: PH53655
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Tetra Whisper IQ Power Aquarium Filter. Keep the water clean in your aquarium in effective and easy fashion with this Tetra Whisper IQ Power Filter. This filter is quiet and easy to use and clean, and provide your fish with healthy water in which to live and thrive.

Key Benefits:

  • Quiet - Sound barrier decouples motor from filter to produce sound less than 40 dB
  • Easy - easy to use, easy to clean, with flow control and a submerged motor for easy startup
  • Durable - impeller upgrades, simplified parts, and better materials make this filter a quality choice
  • No priming required
  • Stay Clean - Free Stay Clean cartridges inside!

Useful Information

  1. Attach strainer (and extension tubes, if necessary) so the strainer will no closer than 2 inches to aquarium gravel once the system is hanging on the aquarium frame
  2. Hang system on aquarium frame. Be sure aquarium water is at or above the minimum water level indicated on system's motor assembly.
  3. Once system is properly in place, plug filtration system into outlet being sure to arrange a drip loop with the power cord.
  4. This filter does not need to be primed. Once plugged in, it will begin to draw water from the aquarium into the filter.
  5. Change your cartridge monthly. For convenience, your cartridge site and impeller item number are listed on the inside of your filter lid.

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