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Tetra Bio-Bag Disposable Filter Cartridges, Medium, 8 count

Item: PH53643
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Tetra Bio-Bag Disposable Filter Cartridges. These disposable filter cartridges are easy to use and work to keep your fish tank in tip-top condition. The ultra-activated carbon is designed to absorb discoloration, contaminants and foul odors while the dense, double-sided mesh works to trap debris and fish waste. These Bio-Bags are designed to fit Tetra's Whisper Power Filters 10, 10i, E, J and Microfilter. Best of all, the three-stage filter cartridges are easy to assemble!

Key Benefits:

  • Convenient, easy-to-use, three-stage filtration cartridges designed to help keep your aquarium crystal clear.
  • Ensures mechanical and biological filtration.
  • Ultra-activated carbon works to absorb discoloration and odors, keeping your fish tank in tip-top condition.
  • Double-sided mesh is dense to trap fish waste and debris.
  • Disposable Bio-Bags are available in an 8-count and 12-count option.

Useful Information

Changing the Bio-Bag®: When water flows excessively from the Wonder Tube Chamber into the aquarium, it is time to change the Bio-Bag®. The Bio-Bag® should be changed once per month to prevent backflow and avoid filtration problems resulting from a clogged Bio-Bag®.

  • Remove Bio-Bag® from filter, allowing excess water to drain into filter box.
  • Remove clip from frame, fold up frame flap, and remove floss bag from frame. Place new floss bag over frame.
  • Add one packet of Ultra-activated® carbon.
  • Fold flaps of Aerobic Frame® over filter bag and replace clip.
  • Rinse Bio-Bag®, insert into filter, replace filter cover.

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