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Tetra SafeStart Plus Concentrated Freshwater Aquarium Bacteria, 3.38-oz bottle

Item: PH53498
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Tetra SafeStart Plus Concentrated Freshwater Aquarium Bacteria. This solution is designed to help reduce ammonia and nitrate levels in newly set-up fish aquariums, so your new scaly sidekicks can have a safer start. The concentrated formula contains live bacteria that can help speed up the cycling process, meaning it can help a new filtration system grow healthy bacteria faster. When this happens, it can help remove dangerous toxins, ultimately creating a safer environment for your underwater buddies!

Key Benefits:

  • Helps speed up the growth of healthy bacteria on newly set-up freshwater aquarium filtration systems.
  • Helps reduce potentially dangerous toxins like ammonia and nitrate.
  • Designed to start working quickly to encourage a healthy environment for new fish.
  • Can be used when setting up a new aquarium, adding new fish, after medication or after a water or filter change.
  • Concentrated solution formulated for all freshwater aquariums.

Useful Information

Shake well. To start new aquariums, add entire bottle for up to 20 gallons. Aquarium is then ready for fish. Consult your retailer for advice on type and number of fish appropriate for your sized aquarium.

For healthy maintenance, add one teaspoon for every 10 gallons when adding fish, after water changes or after replacing filter media.

Note: Live bacteria. Do not freeze or expose to heat.

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