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Tetra Pond Waterfall Filter, (up to 1,000 gals)

Item: PH53529
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Tetra GreenFree Ultraviolet Pond Clarifier. This easy-to-assemble filter provides both mechanical and biological filtration, and can be easily hidden with rocks and pond decor. Tetra Pond Waterfall Filter also increases aeration for your pond and produces cleaner, healthier pond water. For use with pumps between 500 and 4500 gallons per hour, and ID tubing between 1 and 1 inch. Provides effective filtration for ponds up to 1000 gallons. Hose not included.

Key Benefits:

  • Quickly and easily creates beautiful waterfalls to beautify your space.
  • Provides additional filtration as water is pulled through the fall.
  • Large enough to suit ponds and water gardens up to 1,000 gallons.
  • Beautiful waterfall enhances flow and biological pond filtration.
  • Extra long spillway disguises filter easily it virtually disappears in your landscape.

Useful Information

  • Choose either the 1 inch ID hose fitting or the 1 ¼ inch ID hose fitting depending on the tubing you are connecting to the pump. Where possible use the 1 ¼ inch ID tubing for greater water flow.
  • Place an O-ring on the hose fitting threads and insert into the back of the filter.
  • Place an O-ring on the hose fitting from the inside of the filter. Secure fitting with lock nut.
  • Place round plate inside filter.
  • Place fiber mat on top of plate.
  • Fill mesh bag with lava rock (not included). Rinse the lava rock to remove excess dust that could discolor pond water. Place mesh bag in the filter.


This unit can withstand winter temperatures above 32° F. If temperatures drop below this level, make sure that water keeps running through the unit, otherwise, there is a chance of ice buildup that will stress the unit. In this case, bring the unit indoors until next pond season. Be aware that ice formations may form around the waterfall spillway that can channel water outside the pond, and lead to water loss. If there is a risk of ice formation, unplug the pump that powers the waterfall filter. In areas having cold winters, the biological activity of pond filters will go dormant. HAZARDS TO FISH: Be sure not to feed pond fish after the water temperatures fall below 39° F. The biological colonies in the filter will rebuild themselves in the spring.

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