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Tetra Bio-Bag Extra-Large Disposable Filter Cartridges, 4 count

Item: PH53647
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Tetra Bio-Bag Extra-Large Disposable Filter Cartridges. These disposable filter cartridges are easy to use and work to keep your fish tank in tip-top condition. The disposable Bio-Bags trap potentially harmful particles to help keep your finned friends safe. They are also designed to cultivate good bacteria and remove odor and discoloration for clearer water. Mechanical and biological filtration are essential to keep your tank clean and healthy.

Key Benefits:

  • Convenient, easy-to-use three-stage filtration helps keep your tank pristine.
  • Ensures both mechanical and biological filtration.
  • Removes particles, odors and other unhealthy particulate matter from your water.
  • Traps dissolved contaminants to keep your pond fish healthy.
  • Designed specifically for the Whisper Power Filter package.

Useful Information

Changing the Bio-Bag®: When water flows excessively from the Wonder Tube Chamber into the aquarium, it is time to change the Bio-Bag®. The Bio-Bag® should be changed once per month to prevent backflow and avoid filtration problems resulting from a clogged Bio-Bag®.

  • Remove Bio-Bag® from filter, allowing excess water to drain into filter box.
  • Remove clip from frame, fold up frame flap, and remove floss bag from frame. Place new floss bag over frame.
  • Add one packet of Ultra-activated® carbon.
  • Fold flaps of Aerobic Frame® over filter bag and replace clip.
  • Rinse Bio-Bag®, insert into filter, replace filter cover.

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