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Tear Stain Guide

Dog tear stains often occur mostly with small dogs and can be a nuisance. Large breeds of dogs also suffer from variety of similar problems which are mainly caused due to the overflow of tears into the cheeks. With a few tips and these great products, those tear stains will be a thing of the past.

It is very important that you clean your pet's face every day if you want to prevent these tear stains. After you cleanse the area, you should also make sure that you dry it carefully as well.

Another way that you can help to prevent tear eye stains is to keep the hair of your dog clipped away from their eyes. In some cases this hair may cause their eyes to water, causing dog tear stains on their hair.

While some people may try to use bleach products to get rid of tear stain, this is a very bad thing to do for your dog. Using products on your pet that contain bleach can actually be very harmful to their eyes. It may even have the opposite effect and cause even more dog tear staining. Stick to these proven products below that work.

Also check out these other great products as well, which will help keep your pet's eyes shining bright in those family photos.

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