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Tape Worm Tabs for Cats (3 tablets)

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This item has been manufacturer discontinued. We recommend trying Tapeworm Dewormer for Cats (3 Tablets)

Now available without a prescription!

Removes both types of tapeworms in adult cats and kittens over 6 weeks of age. 100% safe and effective when used according to label directions. Sized for easy oral administration or may be crumbled and mixed with food.

Each tablet contains 23 mg Praziquantel.

Each bottle contains 3 tapeworm tablets.

Tape Worm Tabs

Tapeworm tablets for cats and Kittens

Each Tablet Contains 23 mg Praziquantel.

Description: Tape Worm Tabs (praziquantel) Tapeworm Tabs for Cats and Kittens are sized for easy oral administration to either adult cats or kittens. The tablets may be given directly in the mouth or crumbled and mixed with the food. If given with food, mix the tablet(s) with a small amount of the animal’s usual ration. If all the tablet(s) is/are not eaten, Tape Worm Tabs may not remove all tapeworms.

Uses: Tape Worm Tabs (praziquantel) Tapeworm Tablets will remove the common tapeworms, Dipylidum caninum and Taenia taeniaeformis, from cats and kittens.

Directions for Use
Tapeworm infection is one of the most common internal parasite problems actually observed by cat owners. The presence of tapeworms is indicated by the presence of white or yellow-white and similar in size and shape to flattened grains of rice. The segments are most frequently observed lying on the animal’s droppings or, less often, anus of the animal, or occasionally on the animal’s bedding. Cats become infected with tapeworms after eating fleas or small rodents (rats, mice) which are infected with tapeworm larvae. Consult your veterinarian for assistance in the diagnosis, treatment, and control of parasitism.

Dosage and Administration: Administer to cats and kittens* only as follows:
4 pounds and under ....... ½ tablet
5-11 punds .................... 1 tablet
Over 11 pounds ............ 1 ½ tablets
* Not intended for use in kittens less than 6 weeks old.

Fasting is Neither Necessary Nor Recommended

Retreatment: Steps should be taken to control fleas and rodents on the premises in order to prevent reinfection; otherwise, retreatment will be necessary. This is especially true in the cases of tapeworms transmitted by fleas (Dipylidium caninum) where reinfection is almost certain to occur if fleas are not removed from the animal and its environment. If reinfection occurs, tapeworm segments may be observed within one month of the initial treatment.

Side Effects: Isolated incidents of either salivation or diarrhea have been reported following treatment, but were considered non-significant. If these signs are observed and they persist, consult your veterinarian.

Warning: Consult your veterinarian before administering tablets to weak or debilitated animals.
Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human use.

Customer Reviews

58 Reviews
55% (32)
17% (10)
10% (6)
2% (1)
16% (9)
66% Recommend this product (38 of 58 responses)
By Sarah Yasko
Davis, CA
January 31, 2013
Definitely use if your cat has tapeworms!!!
They work great! You are supposed to only give them the amount for how much they weigh once. If they tapeworm segments appear again, then you have to wait a full month before giving them another because the medicine is pretty much poison that is safe where your cat won't die, but will kill the tapeworm. If they appear again it is because the parasite inside of them is a lot bigger.
ProsIt actually kills the tapeworm.
ConsSometimes my cats will try to spit it out or just won't swallow the tabs.
By Roger A Johnson Jr
Little Rock,Arkansas
March 5, 2016
Works really good
Gave my cat one pill and carriage ride up
ProsNight shift it to me right away I got it within 3 days thank you
By Matty
Worcester, MA
March 3, 2016
Great product!
I was hesitant to buy these considering I had never heard of the brand before. With the price being so low, I had to give it a try. I am impressed. My cats were worm free quite quickly. The difficulty came when trying to give them (I have five cats) the pill. I would definitely use and recommend this product.
Pros1. Price 2. Same ingredients as top, more expensive brands 3. Effectiveness
Cons1. Difficult to get the cat to swallow the pill
By Amy
portland oregon
March 3, 2016
Great Deals
This is same product that box stores sell & at half the cost.
ProsProduct arrived in my mail box quicker than i expected.
By Grace
Minneapolis, MN
March 3, 2016
Great value!
When I researched this item, I found it at a local pet supply store, but it was TWICE the price of the item I purchased online! Ordering was easy, and shipment FAST! Thank you! I will order from you again when I have need!
By Nicole
March 2, 2016
Cat hated the taste
I have no way to know if this product actually works. I crushed up the tablet and mixed it into my cats wet food. He didn't eat any of it. I had to go to the vet anyway to get rid of his tapeworm.
ConsCat did not eat any of the food I mixed the pill into.
By April
March 2, 2016
They really work!
I have outdoor cats with a heated cat house, so they are hunting all the time. They eat what they hunt, so these pills are needed once a month and they work!
By Pamela
Endicott NY
February 29, 2016
Good product came in a timely fashion. I will definately order from this company again!
By Kathy
February 21, 2016
No directions
No directions. Only after reading the comments did I find out only one dosage per 30 day period. I did this several years ago with the same product. I would've thought the maker of this product would've fixed this by now.
By Robyn
Kenosha, WI
February 18, 2016
Great Price. Safe and Works.
After contacting my vet, she told me the following regarding this product: Give your cat 1 tablet of the Dewormer After 30 days, redose your cat with 1 tablet to rid of any worms/eggs that may still be present Shipping only took 4 days and the price is literally half of what the vet charges for the exact same product. Before ordering, I HIGHLY recommend calling and making sure the product is available. After seeing all of the negative reviews, I was afraid something would go wrong, but it didn't and I am a happy customer.
ProsFast Shipping Product works Great Customer Service
ConsInstructions on dosing are not present on the bottle.
By leisa
United States
February 18, 2016
Return customer
Great product, fast shipping, awesome price.
ProsProduct shipping and price.
By Heath
Sheffield, Alabama
February 7, 2016
Directions appear if you unfold package
Directions are well hidden but you have to unfold the paper/cardboard at the bottom of the original packaging. Let's see if I can add a pic to better explain what I mean... Wanted to add this so people will know where to find directions. Only use one dose per size chart. Do not use all three at once.
By Deb
Conroe, Texas
February 1, 2016
Great Product
I have used this product repeatedly with a lot of success. I have given it to stray skinny cats and immediately they expelled worms, lots of them. They do not have instructions on the bottle which surprises me, but I just went online and read them. Easy to follow, if your cat is small do not give the whole pill. I also have retreated my cats as needed in a month with good results. In between treatments, I give my cats garlic gel pills one a day with their food, that are just over the counter vitamins and that keeps the worms at bay. I only use this pill maybe once a year if I start seeing the worms. You can not keep the fleas totally off of the cats since mine do go outside. Side note: people get worms too and garlic helps rid us of them, as gross as it seems, we do!
Consno directions on the bottle
By Robin
Summerville, SC
January 23, 2016
Works Great
I gave this to my cat & did not see any more worms, very pleased. I'm sure my cat is happy too
By Karen G
December 20, 2015
Works Great!
Got rid of the tapeworms. Directions are now on the bottle as to how much you can give a cat or kitten. Also does state to wait one month to decide if tapeworms aren't gone. Reason in waiting a month is that you can kill your furbaby if you decide sooner. This is poison so it is toxic to the worms AND THE CAT. If dosed correctly, it not harm the cat though. On a second note, there are 3 pills in the bottle in case you have more than one cat OR you need to decide in a month. Hopefully no ones cats died (previous reviews were asking if they should of given a pill a day for 3 days (NOOOOO!!!!!).).
ProsWorks! Tapeworm medicine can be hard to find.
ConsRather expensive
By JillG
New York City
December 16, 2015
worked well
This medication worked well, and our cat was free of tape worms in just a day or two, and now is feeling better and has more energy. We found the best way to administer the medication was to split the pill in half, and then wrap a strong tasting, pliable kitty treat around each half. Our cat ate that, but refused to eat cat food with the ground up medication mixed in.
ProsVery happy to solve this problem on your own, skipping an expensive visit to the vet.
By Mary
Portland, OR
December 3, 2015
Great product and great price
Saved myself a lot of money treating my cats worms with this product instead of going to the vet for a simple fix. Would definitely use again on any of my cats, great product and fast acting.
ProsFast acting
ConsLow cost
South Carolina
November 8, 2015
Fantastic product & business!
Fed my 2 cats 1 tablet each, and tapeworms were gone within 2 days. My cats weighed 7.3 and and 8.1 lbs. I ordered this product on a Saturday morning and it was in my mailbox the following Monday, with the cheapest shipping option - from CA to SC!
By Tracy
October 21, 2015
So far it worked!
Crushed up 1 and 1/2 pills put in my cat's wet food- she ate it right up-- that was over 10 days ago and still haven't seen a worm!! Thank goodness.
By Kelly
New Hartford, CT
September 15, 2015
Excellent product
This product works and I definitely recommend it!
ProsWorks fast with no side effects.
By Lee-anna
April 22, 2015
product came fast and was a smooth transaction A+++++++++++
By Connie
March 18, 2015
I can't get my cats to eat the pill hidden in cheese
I also was surprised that the directions don't say when to use the 3 pills. But I got my answer by reading other comments and the replies.
By LunaCat
Chicago, IL
March 6, 2015
I hope I didn't give too many! :/
My kitty in only 4lbs and she was found on the street. She is about 5 month old and I gave her half tab yesterday and half tab today. Will she be okay? I can't believe directions were so unclear! I'm glad I googled now rather than giving all 3 tabs 6 days in a row...
ProsNo warms in her poop so not sure if she was clean or it didn't work.
ConsNo warms in her poop so not sure if she was clean or it didn't work.
By Concerned fur baby mommy
February 8, 2015
Missing information on BOTTLE
Perhaps if I end up dosing my cat improperly because of the lack of dosing describing information and my cat becomes severely ill or dies I can in turn sue the company?! I rather have my cat thank you!
ConsPerhaps if I end up dosing my cat improperly because of the lack of dosing describing information and my cat becomes severely ill or dies I can in turn sue the company?! I rather have my cat thank you! Please fix this fault that you obviously are aware of :( ASAP
By Cindy
Vallejo, California
November 11, 2014
How to administer:
The bottle gives you 3 tablets & you give ONE dose, depending on the size of the cat. The dose/sizes are on the bottle, for example a kitten would get 1/2 a tablet so you need a pill cutter. My average size 8 lb. adult cat takes 1 pill. That leaves me 2 leftover to use if the tapeworms come back, as they do sometimes. If your cat is eating infested fleas, they will risk getting tapeworm again, which would mean 1 more dose, not taken before 30 days from the first dose. If your cat spends lots of times outdoors & seems to always get tapeworm, you may want to give every 30 days for maintenance. However, I would advise against this. If your cat keeps getting worms, take a poop stool to your vet & make sure you are treating the right worm as there are other types that this pill will not cure. They can give a tapeworm shot which may be more effective than the pill, if it is tapeworm. Also, your vet can help you get a more effective flea control method to help prevent the tapeworm in the first place, because if fleas are a problem on your cat, they are probably the reason for the worm re-infestation. So bottom line, you will have pills left-over that you can save. You are only supposed to give 1/2 to 1-1/2 pills (depending on cat size) & thats it, unless the tapeworm returns.
ProsEasy U-tube has a video on "How to give your cat a pill" which is helpful. I find that giving my pill with my cats favorite treat food at the same time makes it easy for him to swallow, otherwise he wants to spit it out.
ConsPrevents you from going to the Vet, which you really should do to be sure you are treating & dosing properly.
By Melodie’s Momma
Fort Plain, NY
November 3, 2014
Fast effective results
What a relief it was to see my cat expel the tape worm! She has been skinny and lethargic ever since we took her in and didn’t realize this was the problem. I could not get my other cat to take the pill. When I tried to throw it in the back of her throat, she kept spitting it back out.
ProsFast and effective
ConsCould use better instructions. Luckily I found the dosage on-line at Healthy Pets. Need to place your cat in closed off area right away to ensure earlier clean up.
By Rebecca
Wilmington, NC
October 11, 2014
Great product, poor instructions
With 16 cats (all rescues), we do go through the medicine. Seems like every time they go to the vet, one comes home with a flea, that's all it takes in my home,even with a flea preventative. With only three tabs per bottle, I would like to see more per bottle for multible cat or dog homes. I would like to know if you do give more than one every 30 days, if there are any side effects from it.
ProsThey do work.
ConsInstructions are not included as to a possible over dosage issue. Would like to see more tabs in the bottle for the price.
By Dr. E
Kc mo
October 3, 2014
Directions for use
This medication has only recently become available without rx from vet which is why there is confusion about dosing. Vets don't need directions, they know what they are doing......for everyone else it's not safe for kittens under 6 wks. Little cats under 4 lbs take 1/2 tab once. Cats between 4-10 lbs 1 pill as a one-time dose. Cats greater than 11 lbs dose is 1 1/2 tabs as a one time dose. This is given ONCE. You can repeat the dosing in 2-3 wks. This gives you enough doses to treat a large cat >11 lbs twice with one bottle! For anyone with fears of toxicity/already overdosed the cat the medication is quite safe with limited toxicity even at doses 500+ times recommended. There is a rare incidence of side effects, you can talk to the animal equivalent of poison control at 1-800-422-9874 . Hope this helps confused pet owners----a human doctor that treats a lot of pets too!
By karen allman
United States
August 23, 2014
no info for next dosage on directions
it iss a 1 time dose~if reinfected with worms wait 30 days from last given! I should not have to search this on the internet to find thid info! I was ready to give another pill 2 days later! Probably would've killed my cat!
Prosit works!
Consneed to include when/or if to dose again info!
By Lucy
Puerto Rico
April 23, 2014
Confused Customer
Where I purchased this product, they couldn't tell me how often the dosage was to ve administered. I called a place that they sold it on the internet and talked to a lady in their customer service to ask. She was very rude when I mentioned I had purchased it locally at a pet store and wouldn't give the info because I had not purchased it from them. And with that experience, I wouln't spend a penny at their store, EVER. ANYWAY, it's about time thar the manufacturer of these tabs put that info in their directions. Thanks to onr of the comments that LAUGHABLE made, one other very kind person answered my question and I am sure of mny others. Thanks a lot to this person. God bless you.
By Lori
San Diego, CA
April 8, 2014
3 days after 1 pill administered
After asking the feline gal at the Pet store, was told to wait 30 days to re-administrate this product. Found no rice like (segments) on bedding except one after 3 days. Told that this product is still working thru the bloodstream. Wish I had known to treat the fleas first but my cat is all black and couldn't see them. No excuses, her mother was Farrell and she was found in a hole up in the mountains brought to me to bottle feed.This may have came from the mom at birth ?? Got her spayed and treated for ear mites. 11/2 years later now she has tapeworms. Used flea repellent but moved and apparently being all black could not see she had a flea problem and wondered what this rice looking stuff is on the bed was. Since she was in-door/-door cat still bewildered as to what enviroment is contaminated since we moved here 8 months ago and she has lived in 3 places counting from birth. An ounce of prevention is diffenitly worth a pound of cure. Now she will still in-doors. Just want everyone to know not to give your cat a pill a day. They give you 3 pills in case you have multiple cats use the litter box. It is suppose to be a 1 shot deal. Please do not over dose your cat on these meds. Kill the parasites not the cat. Treat the fleas first to help prevent re infection and treat everything like as if you had lice. Breaking the cycle I made the mistake of treating the worms (tapeworms) first and hopefully she did not get re-infected because I got the Advantage ll but must wait to see. Heck maybe the vet bill would have been better ?? This has been a horrible experience and hopefully since their are no precautions on the instructions, I am hoping this may have some help to someone who LOVES their cat as I do mine. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
ProsHopefully it saved a big Vet Bill. Cost me approx.$100.00 at the pet store for product alone. e bay has good deals but was told from calling the animal hospital to take care of the is ASAP but have enough flea replellent to last 6 months, couldn't do that with a Vet bill.
ConsNo precautions on the product display card about How long to wait to take in the case of re-infection.
By Pam
February 22, 2014
found it on another site.... 1 time for dosage listed per weight. 2 other pills save if it comes back.
ProsDon't know yet. Just gave it to him after searching for a half hour to find out if it's one or 1 a day... Jeez!! Whats so hard about putting that on the bottle.
By Harold
Toronto, Ontario
January 21, 2014
Ask a P.H.D. Chemist
Used this for several months at the guidance of my Vet.My dog got an ear infection last year and used this as often as 2X a day, in conjunction with prednisone. I noticed while on pred, ear got little better, then after pred ended, ear turned bright red. Investigated with 2 of my PHD Chemist friends for harshness of ingredients.they were shocked to see this was to be rinsed in the ear. With litmus paper, this cleanser turns extremely acidic with water. Will never use this in the ear again. Ears cleared up with straight saline or EDTA. Please consider my investigation, especially if your dogs ear keeps getting infections.
ConsWithout prednisone, ear looked bright red like a burn.
By Charlene
Albuquerque New Mexico
January 20, 2014
My cat loves this
My Vet recommended this for my 20 year young cat. He really loves the taste and it is very good for him as well.
ProsGreat treats
ConsMy vet doesn't stock it any more
Spokane, WA
January 19, 2014
Petmate Le Bistro 10 lb Feeder Waste of Money
Don't waste your money - Bowl is under-molded so easily detaches when moved by dog's licking/eating. So food dispenses under cabinet missing detached bowl. Poorly designed. Must be modified by drilling two screw holes and attaching 1" washers wit screws to hold bowl to cabinet. What a mess picking dispensed food up and emptying reservoir to modify. Why didn't the original designer notice this flaw? Was this some post production money saving idea made by a mindless suit-wearing business manager? (Who couldn't design a toothpick). I come from a long line of famous gifted designers and engineers, and habe designed and patented my own products, so I am at an expert level of ability to re-engineer anything correctly.
ProsShiny if nothing else
ConsBowl does not attach correctly, dumping dispensed food under cabinet where pet cannot get at it. Bad design.
By Larry
Nashville TN
January 18, 2014
Big mistake to discontinue this product
This is the only joint care supplement my son's dog would take. Why is it no longer available?
Fairfax, Virginia
January 10, 2014
Great toy
My cats just love this toy. They play with it for hours. It give them lots of exercise. BEWARE: One of my cats likes to drag it until the string snaps, so he does not get to play with it, but I have another who wears it out and wears him out to. I wish it was not so hard to find.
ProsSome cats will play with it as it is intended.
ConsSome cats will eat through the string or drag it until it breaks.
December 30, 2013
By Pamela
December 29, 2013
Don't waste your money
12/29/2013 4:30 pm I bought this for my Maltese age 5, got home hoping that I have finally found a toy my little dog can not tear apart. By 5:15 pm the ends where gone and red nylon was all over the place. Not dog chew proof at all, just like the rest.
Prospretty color
Consfalls apart at first use
By brenda
November 22, 2013
works great,,fix the info on the bottle....had to look the info up on how much to give and how often...
By Dave Gibson
United States
November 21, 2013
Very poor instructions
I'm with everyone else here on the poor instructions. It should be made clear that the dosage is one pill (more or less depending on the size of the cat) no less than 30 days apart. It's amazing that we all had to resort to google to get an answer. I wonder how many people gave their cat one a day for three days?
ProsIt works.
ConsPoor instructions
BC Michigan
November 5, 2013
No dosage instructions!
Medication dosage instructions have to be THE most important part of the label but there aren'tany. Why should we be left to research elsewhere for what should be YOUR job to provide? After much reading ELSEWHERE we found that one dose depending on the weight of the cat is all that can be given in a 30 day period. More than that can harm the cat. How many people assumed that 3 little pills in 3 days would be the correct dose and may have caused more harm than good in the cats health?
ProsWorks fine once you figure out how often to give the pill.
ConsNo instructions on how often to give the pills.
By zane
August 11, 2013
I can't believe so many people have complained and we still can't find the info.. It does NOT say how often to give the tablets.. 1 tab for an 11 pound cat, but then says they have to take all the tablets.. I can not believe this is seriously happening. someone needs to fix this. oh but im sure the medicine works. If I don't also overdose my cat.
Merchant Response:Hi Zane, I got in touch with Trade-winds to answer your question. Tapeworm Tabs is a One-time treatment! Can re-administer after 30 days if re-infested or once every 30 days as a maintenance dose.
By Emily
grosse pointe, michigan
March 6, 2013
works fast!
I found my kitten in a barn and she had all sorts of nasty worms but the tape worm is the only one I couldn't get out. I gave her half a pill and literally twenty minutes later she pooped out this HUGEE tape worm. it was freaky.. I just don't know if I should give her another one tomorrow or if that's it! they should tell you these things on the box.
Prosworks and its fast
Consdoesn't tell you how much to take or when
By Kathleen Martin
Little rock, AR
January 29, 2013
please help!
someone please tell me if i should give my cat 1 pill a day, or 1 every time i feed her???
By Nadine
San Francisco, CA
December 3, 2012
works well
I also couldn't find instructions till I went to order them today and they are under the description section of the pills. Really should be on the bottle. I use them on my stray cats and it seems to work really well.
Prosthey work
Consno instructions on the bottle
By Donna
san diego
October 23, 2012
totally lame company
So you have to SLAM the internet to find ANYTHING about dosage for this stupid, stupid, stupid company's product. Why the %&^&*(*)( isn't the number of days' dosage on the product? Is that asking too much?
Merchant Response:Sorry to about your frustration. 1 dose will get rid of all tape worms. If you pet gets re-infested, can dose as soon as 30 days after initial treatment.
Consslimy company can't provide the most basic information. Three stupid pills with NO dosage, so you have to either do their job, or go out and buy another product that HAS the information you need to safely administer the medication.l
By Carolyn Halbert
August 9, 2012
Tape worm tabs
I am hoping everyones review is accurate...l agree, I am struggling to know wether to give our cat one every three days or one a week, or just one......why are there not better directions for dosage. They give you three pills, when do you give the other two??
By shannon
July 10, 2012
No directions! I had a stray kitten show up horribly thin so the pet store said to give him the worm tabs and I went to give and it didn\'t say how to give it! Shit! Hate that! I\'ll give well, he\'s small so half or whole and one a day for 3 days? Help!
By richard
June 27, 2012
Why dont you read the reviews& answer the concerns ,same as i have..(how much and how often ?) Lack of info is why i rated it low ,now i just hope it works and i dont over dose my cat.
By Hi
April 16, 2012
Works great on my cat.
By angel
July 29, 2011
so far good
i gave my cat his 1st pill and so far he is doin good the only thing i dont like it when i got it i was reading the box and it dont have on the box everything u need to know it gives u 3 pills and im goin crazy tryin to find out do i give it to him everyday for 3 days or what the box needs to put stuff like this on the box
By Teresa
March 27, 2011
Tape worm Instructions?
I got the medicine in a Pet store. but no instructions in the box or in the bottle in how many pills should we give to our cat One pill each day for 3 days or three pills together in one time???? We decided to do one pill each day. I cannot rate the product at this moment so I did for 3 stars in case.....
By Araceli
July 11, 2010
Worth Every penny
We left our kitten with a friend who also has a kitten. A week later he had worms in his feces. I didn\'t want to wait for an appointment or have to pay the expensive Vet fees. I read reviews and decided to go with this product. It cost me $25 from a pet store but was worth every penny. I gave him one dose in the morning and by the evening the worms were gone. It works fast and with no side effects. I would recommend this to all cat owners.
By Tilly the Cat!
June 18, 2010
My kitty is happy!
Thank you mommy for getting rid of my nasty tapeworm. I will leave you no more rice-like pellets. xoxoxo and meow!
By Jamie
January 31, 2010
It Seems to Work
It seems to work. The cats had no side affects from it. I have not seen worms but I only saw them once before the pills. Works so far.
By Linda
February 22, 2009
Tape Worm Treatment
This product seems to work very well. I used it a couple of years ago on my cat and she was tape worm free until this year when I noticed she was re-infected. She is a real mouser so I am sure she is exposed more than most cats.
By rene
February 18, 2009
it works!
My cats suffered for months as i bought worm medicine from one of those hehmm mart chains that claimed to work and it didnt. I gave each of my cats one of these pills and one day later there were no more occurrences of tapeworm eggs or segments on my cats or anthing they laid on this stuff works fast and effectively. I highly recommend this!

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