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Summer Sale

Summer sale pet care tips

Our Summer Sale begins now! Summer is officially here and our deals are heating up. We're offering hot deals on summer pet products. Our Summer Sale begins now! Use these special coupon codes during check-out and save on our Summer specials today! Hurry and order; our Summer Sale ends Tuesday, July 3rd.

Never too late to Protect Your Petshot pet tips sale

Warmer weather means fleas, ticks and mosquitoes are out in full force biting, sucking and breeding. It's not too late to protect your pet from these disease-carrying parasites. Prevent flea allergies, severe itching, skin lesions and transmission of diseases such as West Nile Virus before it happens.


frontline plus

k9 advantix canine

Advantage kills and prevents fleas. It kills 98% of fleas within 12 hours.
Starting at: $36.99

Frontline PLUS kills 98–100% of existing fleas in less than 24 hours.
Starting at: $33.99

K9 Advantix protections against fleas control , ticks and mosquitoes.
Starting at: $38.99

frontline top spot

Frontline Top Spot
Starting at $28.99

program flea

Program Flea Control
Starting at $36.99

bio spot

Starting at $9.49

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Deshedding that Winter Coatpet deshedding tools

Your pets will naturally shed their winter coat to keep cool. You can keep your pet's coat well groomed with great pet brushes and shampoos. Grooming is also a great way to spend quality time with your pet, while helping them to look and smell great!


Malacetic shampoo

flea comb

FURminator will thoroughly remove your pet's loose fur.
Starting at: $21.99

MalAcetic Shampoo is all natural and contains no soaps, dyes or animal protein.
Starting at: $8.99

Flea Combs is specifically designed to remove fleas, lice and eggs.
Sale Price: $2.99

furminator shampoo

FURminator Shampoo
Sale Price: $12.50

shed stop

Starting at: $14.99

zoom groom

Zoom Groom
Sale Price: $6.99

derm tabs

Derm Tabs
Sale Price: $18.99

groom kong

Groom KONG
Starting at: $4.99

pet hair magnet

Pet Hair Magnet
Sale Price: $5.99

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It's Burning Hot Outcool off your pet

With increasing summer temperatures, it's always a good idea to protect your pet from the heat and scorching rays of the sun. Make sure your pet stays cool, has plenty to drink and has enough skin and coat protection.

Le Bistro water

dog cooler bed

Fresh Flow Fountain

Le Bistro keeps pet water refreshing. It also fights bacteria such as odor, mold and mildew.
Starting at: $13.95

Cooler Bed gives your dog a comfortable bed to cool off on. No refrigeration necessary.
Starting at: $53.95

Fresh Flow Fountain provides fresh flowing water that pets love!
Sale Price: $29.99

uvet sunscreen pet

UVet Sunscreen
Starting at: $4.99

ice treat maker

Ice Treat Maker
Sale Price: $22.99

sunblock shade

Sunblock Shade
Sale Price: $9.99

squirt ball

Squirt Ball
Sale Price: $5.99

vanilla chilly bone

Vanilla Chilly Bone
Sale Price: $5.99

k9 hydration tabs

K9 Hydration Tabs
Sale Price: $8.99

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Summer Fun and Travelpet travel toys

Summer is also the perfect time to have fun and strengthen the bond with your pets. Take a relaxing stroll in the park, cool off by the pool, or go on a hiking adventure or a weekend road trip. Wherever you go, these products are perfect to bring along.

Otis and claude dog toys

h20 dog toys

sleep over bag dog

Otis & Claude Toys are stylish and can be filled with treats for an extra reward.
Starting at: $7.99

H2O Toys are unique floatable toys. They're great for exercising in and around water.
Sale Price: $5.99

Sleep Over Bag act as familiar bedding which helps reduce traveling anxiety.
Sale Price: $21.99

rescue remedy anxiety
Rescue Remedy
Stress Reliever

Starting at: $9.99

dog shoes

All-Terrain Dog Shoes
Starting at: $24.99

hyper dog toys

Hyper Dog Toys
Starting at: $9.99

dog harnest

Up & Out Lift Harness
Sale Price: $12.99

pet flys carrier

PetFlys Pet Carrier
Starting at: $89.99

airline kit

Airline Kit
Sale Price: $4.99

swimmers ears dog
Swimmer's Ear

Sale Price: $6.95

travel anxiety dog

Travel Anxiety Relief
Sale Price :$9.99

dog gone cd

DogGone Traveling Songs
Sale Price: $11.99

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Summer Pet Health Articles pet care article summer tips

Finally, check out our summer health articles for great tips on caring for pet this warm season, including heat stroke, travel anxiety and much more.
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