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Spring Toys for Cats

Cats need to be constantly challenged and stimulated or else they get bored and end up sleeping all day. We are eager to show off some new toys that'll put a spark in their eyes and a spring in their step! After all, what is good for the mind is good for the body and soul.
Spring Toys
Design Senses Catit Design Senses Play Circuit
Entice and engage all your cat's senses while appealing to their hunting instincts
FroliCat Pet Toy FroliCat BOLT Laser Pet Toy
Toy that creates random laser patterns ensuring hours of fun
SpringString Cataction SpringString Cat Toy
Do you have a doorknob? That's all you need in order for this toy to work
Furry Fury Play-N-Squeak Ball of Furry Fury
The mouse in this toy squeaks and it's hard to get. Enough said.
Catnip Stuffer Petstages Orka Catnip Stuffers
Multi-functional toy that serves as a catnip stuffer and promotes dental health

Reduced Priced Items
Kong Wubba Kong Wubba for Cats
Crinkles, rattles, and perfect for batting around
Cheese Chase Petstages Cheese Chase
Three activities that'll add a little variety in their playtime.
Curly Pet Curly Pet - Green
The texture of this toy must feel great for a cat because we always see them scratching their nails on it!
Undercover Mouse Panic Mouse Undercover Mouse
A variation of the cat and mouse game that'll entertain your feline for hours!
Tailchaser Classic TailChasers (Assorted)
Big long tail that's perfect for grabbing!

Top Sellers
Kong for Cats KONGS for Cats
You can find items for hunting, excitement, and scratching right here!
Premier Busy Buddy Rubber Football Panic Mouse
This is the closest you'll get to a real mouse, but much more acceptable for your home!
Bumble Ball Ba Da Beam Rotating Laser Cat Toy
Lights, camera, action! Ok, this has just the lights but the action you'll see is camera worthy.
Doggie Driver Cataction Magneticat
No batteries needed for this toy. It uses a secret and powerful force to move!
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