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Spring Dog Toys

If you are looking for fun, exercise, and excitement for you and your dog, you have come to the right place. Below are the dog toy specials we have including new spring toys, reduced priced items, and our top sellers. From premier fetch toys to long distance ball launchers, we have the perfect products to entertain and stimulate your dog while providing a healthy workout. Many of the toys we offer can be used for training as well. We promise your dog will never be bored again.
Spring Toys
Doggie Driver Hyper Doggie Driver
Practice your golf swing and give your dog hours of exercise and excitement. This driver can launch a ball up to 100 yards.
Chuckit! Boomerang Go-Frrr Ball
Used for training and exercise, this slingshot based fetch toy will give your dog the workout not your arms.
Chuckit! Boomerang Chuckit! Amphibious Boomerang
Play the perfect game of fetch with your dog. Ideal for the beach and pool, this boomerang is constructed with soft yet rugged rubber.
Kong Zinger Kong Zinger
Enjoy endless fun with this fast-action interactive roll and chase toy.
Spot Leashball Launcher Spot Leashball Tennis Ball Launcher
This handy tennis ball launcher is pocketsize, lightweight and convenient as it attaches to most leads.

Reduced Priced Items
Doggie Driver Active Paw Go-Sling Dog Toy
Exercising your dog is no longer a chore with this durable, high quality fetch toy.
Doggie Driver Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Ball Toy
Make your dog work for its treat with this activity ball by Premier Pet Products.
Doggie Driver Air KONG Squeaker Football
Your dog will go crazy with this squeaking, nonabrasive, squeaking football.
Doggie Driver Fling-it Squirrel
Pull the tail and watch the ultimate fling-it-flying squirrel dog toy go.
Doggie Driver Flashing Blinky Ball
This brilliantly illuminated ball starts flashing with the slightest touch to give your dog hours of fun.

Top Sellers
Squirrel Dude Squirrel Dude
With high durability and a funky bounce, this is a must have toy for any dog.
Premier Busy Buddy Rubber Football Premier Busy Buddy Rubber Football
Control destructive chewing and encourage extended play with this busy buddy football.
Bumble Ball Otis and Claude Bumble Ball
It's back to keep your dog entertained with crazy bouncing and bumbling.
Doggie Driver Chuckit! Ultra Ball Launcher
Provides supreme comfort and control with no slobber hands free pick up.
Doggie Driver Kong Squiggles Dog Toy
The perfect dog toy that is stretchy, floppy, and tons of squeaky fun.
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