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Pet Waste & Disposal Savings!


Urinase is a powerful all-natural enzyme-based stain & odor remover that breaks down and eliminates all organic stains and odors. Your Pet doesn't mean to make accidents. When it happens, cleaning up stains and neutralizing the odors is easy with Urinase.

Key Features:

All Natural
Gentle, non-toxic
Does not "set" stains

Wag Bags

Doggie Walk Bags is the premiere choice of waste pick-up bags for those that are socially and environmentally responsible. Doggie Walk Bags Company (DWBC) has been performing customer research for years and has used their findings to create the ideal bag for dog waste disposal. The bags are opaque to hide their contents and thick to seal in odor and prevent breaks; additionally, some are scented to further neutralize odor. The bags are made of recycled plastic and are made here in the USA with the company based in California.

The family-owned and operated company works with the Huntington Beach Union High School District's Vocational Training Program and Westview Vocational Services. Together they give developmentally disabled students and adults the opportunity to participate in a working environment, which affords them greater independence. The bags also come in a reasonable price and are available in bulk or smaller amounts. Order Doggie Walk Bags today and help the disabled and the environment while cleaning up after your dog!

Key Features:

Opaque color and thick material to seal in odor and prevent breaks
Made in the USA by a family-owned company
Works to give jobs and independence to the developmentally disabled
Made with recycled plastic

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