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Sore No-More Trackside Liniment (Gallon)

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The Arenus Family of Products - Turning Innovative Science into Sound Health and Nutrition

A unique cooling liniment specifically formulated to meet the needs of the equine racing athlete; keeps muscles, tendons and ligaments supple and less prone to injury.

  • Regulatory “zero tolerance” is no problem, as Sore No-More® Trackside™ Liniment has no added lobelia or
  • capsaicin. Sore No-More® Trackside™ Liniment is a highly effective, proven liniment, tailored to meet the demands
  • from all sides of the racing industry. Sore No-More® Trackside™ Liniment contains the natural, arnica-based,
  • herbal ingredients used in the original Sore No-More® Liniment.
  • When soft tissue injuries like muscle, tendon, or ligament strains and inflamed joints or arthritis flare up, the equine
  • body’s natural response is to form a protective matrix around the affected area. Blood vessels become blocked, drainage is hindered and painful edema can result. Left untreated, these conditions can hamper performance
  • and lead to permanent damage and disability. Liniments are an important part of a protective protocol. Sore No-More® Trackside™ Liniment leads the pack with its cooling, topical arnica base that can be used safely on even the most sensitive skinned equine athletes. Sore No-More® Trackside™ Liniment comes from natural, herbal ingredients
  • in a proprietary blend of witch hazel bark and leaves that have been trusted for centuries.
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