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Sore No-More Massage Shampoo (2 oz)

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The Arenus Family of Products - Turning Innovative Science into Sound Health and Nutrition

A pure plant based shampoo concentrate free of the harsh detergent, sodium laurel sulfate, a proven skin irritant.

  • The world famous Sore No-More® Liniment is now combined with a plant based shampoo, uniquely formulated without harsh sulfate cleansers. This arnica based herbal shampoo cleanses while refreshing and revitalizing the body. Sore No-More® Massage Shampoo rinses easily, leaving hair silky, smooth, and shiny without any residue. Tails no longer itch and hair grows back quickly. Great for dogs too!
  • Sore No-More® Massage Shampoo can be used for possible health issues including dry or sensitive skinned animals, unmanageable mane and tail, itchy or irritated skin, and/or eczema.
  • Sore No-More® Massage Shampoo benefits include being sodium lauryl sulfate FREE, makes the skin and coat resilient and healthy, excellent for use on chemically sensitive horses, good to use as an every day shampoo and can be used multiple times per day during competition without drying out skin and coat, has no excessive lather, is quick and easy rinsing, and/or de-skunk your animals and get rid of unpleasant odors.
  • Get the best of both worlds; our award winning Sore No-More® Liniment and performance shampoo all in one. Make your horse look like a champion while making them feel like one too!
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