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Sore No-More Gelotion (2 oz)
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Sore No-More Gelotion (2 oz)

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The Arenus Family of Products - Turning Innovative Science into Sound Health and Nutrition

Derived directly from the original Sore No-More® horse liniment but in gel form. This all-natural horse liniment is thicker and less runny.

  • For those that do not want to lose a drop! A thicker version of the original formula. It has the same great usages and effectiveness as the original Sore No-More® Liniment but in a gel-lotion form.
  • Sore No-More® Gelotion has many uses: use when needing a thicker, less runny type liniment, great to use on legs or places harder to keep liniments in place, use anywhere on the body (works the same as our original formula), or as a great coupling medium for ultrasound work.
  • Sore No-More® Gelotion benefits include: a cooling liniment that will not blister or burn, safe to use under bandages, magnets or ceramic therapy, safe to use prior to exercising to loosen muscles and tendons, great when bringing an animal back from an injury, can be used as a leg and body brace before and after exercise to stimulate blood flow, can be used as an indicator (sore muscles will lather when you rub it in), and is excellent for use on chemically sensitive horses.
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