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SnuggleSafe Microwave Heat Pad

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Snuggle Safe Microwave Heat Pad is great for heating pet beds. Up to 10 hours of long-lasting warmth! Your pets will love the warmth of Snuggle Safe Thermapool at home or traveling. Heat in microwave for only 5 minutes (*depending on power of microwave) and then pop it under your pet's bedding.

Key Features:
  • Heated in minutes in a microwave
  • Lasts for up to 10 hours
  • Quick and safe Perfect for inside/ outside pets
  • No wires no scalding water
  • Bite and scratch resistant
  • Now includes cosy cover
  • This is an 'original' SnuggleSafe product
  • Contents is Toxic free Thermapol®
  • Made in the UK 17 years of production experience. Over a million units made and sold to date
Ideal for:
  • Puppies, Dogs
  • Kittens, Cats
  • Outside Pets
  • Convalescing
  • Elderly Pets
  • Or Just for the well being of any pet

Just about anyone who cares for animals large or small can benefit from the ease and safety of SnuggleSafe's comforting warmth.

Useful Information

SnuggleSafe Heatpad Instruction Manual here

Snuggle Safe®

Microwave Heatpad for Animals



Keep these instructions available for reference

Before You Start

SnuggleSafe is for use in domestic microwaves only (max 1,400 watts). Make sure that functions such as grilling or browning (if available on your microwave) are switched off. Make sure that your oven interior is clean, especially the turntable. Food and drink residue can affect the heating performance of the heatpad and could result in overheating. Do not heat more than one SnuggleSafe at a time

    Using Your SnuggleSafe

  1. Place SnuggleSafe on the microwave turntable, select full power and set the timer according to the chart. (If your microwave does not have a turntable, we recommend that you heat SnuggleSafe for 50% (half) of its recommended time, then turn it over (flip) and heat for the remaining time. This will ensure that it is heated as evenly as possible. Turn the microwave off while you flip the product.)
  2. Power Time
    600-650 watts 8 minutes
    700-750 watts 7 minutes
    800-850 watts 6 minutes
    900-1,000 watts 5 minutes
    1,100-1,200 watts 4 minutes
    1,300-1,400 watts 2 1/2 minutes

    Do Not Exceed The Stated Times

  3. When you have selected the correct time, start the timer.
  4. When the time cycle has finished, leave the SnuggleSafe in the microwave for another minute. During this extra minute, the SnuggleSafe will continue to heat up, even though the power is off. After this extra minute, the temperature of SnuggleSafe will have established.
  5. Before removing from the microwave, visually check that you have not accidentally overheated the bottle (see Safety Warning overleaf). When satisfied that the bottle has not been overheated, remove it from the microwave.
  6. Caution:

    The bottle will be hot. (Surface temperature approx 65°C/149°F). If not in its cover, you should use an oven glove or cloth to handle it.

  7. Place SnuggleSafe under your pet's bedding or under a loose blanket. If a cover is fitted to the heatpad, it is not necessary to place it under bedding, but you must ensure that your pet cannot touch the heatpad's surface which will be hot. Ideally, there should be good insulation under SnuggleSafe, as this will help to reduce heat loss downwards, thereby extending the heat output.
  8. Do not place an uncovered SnuggleSafe in direct contact with your pet's body as this might cause skin burns in some circumstances. Do not use with anu animal that is unconscious or otherwise unable to react to thermal discomfort.

Reheating SnuggleSafe

Allow SnuggleSafe to completely cool down before reheating.


Clean Snuggle Safe by wiping with a damp cloth or spraying lightly with disinfectant and wiping dry. Do not use abrasive substances or scourers.

Safety Warning:

  • Do not exceed the heating times
  • Overheating can damage the heatpad and may cause injury
  • Do not allow animals to bite or chew SnuggleSafe
  • Any Guarantee is invalid if the product has been overheated or damaged
  • If the product has misshapened, It has been overheated and should not be used again.

The SnuggleSafe heatpad contains Thermapol™ which is non-toxic. When the product is heated correctly and in accordance with these instructions, Thermapol remains predominantly in a solid state (approx 65°C/149°F). If the product is overheated, Thermapol will start to liquefy and if the product is seriously overheated its plastic casing will eventually melt-down, allowing the Thermapol to leak out. "Serious overheating" is 300-400% beyond the correct heating time (for example, in a 900-1,000w microwave where the correct heating time is 5 minutes, melt-down and leakage could occur after 20 minutes heating). Over heating will not cause the product to "explode", so Thermapol will leak from its casing without impact.

If the product appears in an way deformed or leakage is apparent, overheating has occurred. Do not open the microwave door until at least one minute after you have turned off the power, then open the door with caution and DO NOT TOUCH OR DISTURB THE CASING OR THE THERMAPOL AND DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE PRODUCT FROM THE MICROWAVE UNTIL IT HAS COMPLETELY COOLLED DOWN. If leakage has occurred, Thermapol will be dangerously hot. When cool, Thermapol will have returned to its solid state and can be removed from hard surfaces with hot water or can be scraped off by using a suitable implement.

Persons who are not familiar with the operation of microwave ovens or who may not be competent with their use, should seek the advice and assistance of a competent person. If there is any doubt in this respect, do not use. Do not take risks. Do not allow children to heat the product unless properly supervised. Do not heat in a conventional oven or by any other method.

Understand this the product's casing and its ingredients will always react to heat in a per-determined way. Used correctly, it can never distort or melt-down prematurely. If distortion occurs and/or its contents leak out, it has been overheated

The makers and their agents/distributors are not liable for any incidental or consequential damage resulting from he use of this product.

It is recommended that you replace the heatpad after 3 years; make a note of the purchase date and be sure to retain these instructions in a safe place.

The SnuggleSafe bottle and its contents (Thermapol™) are recyclable.

Veterinary Use

A SnuggleSafe heatpad must never come into direct contact with an animal. At all times the heatpad should be fitted with a cover, or suitable bedding should be place between it and the animal. We do not recommend the use of the heatpad with anesthetized or unconscious animals because they cannot react to thermal discomfort and this could result in skin burns. Recovering animals which use the heatpad should be monitored to ensure that they can move from the heat if necessary. Never re-heat a SnuggleSafe heatpad until it has completely cooled down.

Customer Reviews

22 Reviews
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50% Recommend this product (11 of 22 responses)
By Deb
Snuggle safe warming disc
December 13, 2022
I wanted too let everyone know I luv these disc my feral cat got right on them we use two side by side in her bedding under can tell very warm when she gets up i would highly recommend them. Very good product.
Does hold heat for at least 8 hrs easy too heat up. No complaints
By Roberta D.
Lincoln, CA
Helps my ferals a lot!
February 23, 2022
I have a bunch of cubbies and beds with varying levels of insulation for my feral cats. But there's a few who don't like the straw and one who really seems to like special treatment. Hufflepuff, has taken to a new cat bed even though he has a heated house. ??!! Anyway, I put a body heat reflecting mat in the bed, and basically made a tent with cold weather blankets around the darn big chair the bed's in, add a disc or two on cold nights and he seems to be a happy camper. I also use these under their water crocs and food plate on cold days. It was 28 this morning, and there was only a very thin bit of ice on the water, whereas without the disc the ice would have been considerably worse. These discs are GOLD. My ferals do have some heated pads and water bowls but not in the shed so for the few who insist on the back patio, I love these discs. They're great for my inside cats too. I would definitely recommend a heated bed or one that has room for a disc on one side for older pets.The pic is my grumpy feral cat Sly, but he and the others sure like their lounge.
Keeps indoor animals more comfy and helps keep my outdoor ferals alive and perhaps even cozy. Heck if I had chickens I'd get some for them on freezing nights. I don't even use level 10. It's level 9 for me and the things work great. Love this product. Wish I could find some soft ones of this quality. The animal surely won't like to lay on it (hard surface) but I tuck it along the side of their beds and still have happy cats.
By Brenda
Hendersonville, NC
Stray cats are now warm at night!
December 18, 2020
We put the snuggle safe discs in the cat beds at night and they are still warm in the morning! It has brought comfort to cats that live outside.
Merchant Response:Brenda, that's so generous of you.
By Chris
Orlando, Fl
Great buy
February 28, 2018
I have owned one of these microwavable heating pads for many years and use it regularly for my pets and for myself. I bought a 2nd one and also a couple for my friends. Very good value and would recommend it.
Stays warm for hours if covered. Easy to heat up and easy to clean.
By Kathleen B.
Euclid, OH
Great product - life saving for preemie kittens separated from mother cats
August 10, 2017
I am giving this product a 5 star rating but I had to contact customer service twice due to damaged product packaging (chewed on). Unsure if the product itself was damaged.
I do not know why, but when I ordered 3 discs, 2 discs and their packaging were fine, the 3rd had puncture holes in the outer packaging, like it had been chewed on by an animal.
The company sent a replacement out immediately, which was damaged in the same manner (as the original) when it was received.
I contacted customer support again, and sent them photos of the packaging. The C/S rep I spoke to agreed, that these items should have never been shipped out in this condition.
A replacement was sent out again, and arrived fine and the company even made a partial refund of the purchase price of the 3 warming discs.
The C/S rep told me he was going to go to the warehouse and bring this matter to the manager's attention.
I feel the company stood behind their product, gave me prompt service, and made my purchase correct.
I will continue to purchase from this company as needs arise.
These warming discs can mean the difference between life and death in premature or new born kittens (and probably other animals) when they are separated from their mother for any number of reasons. I've purchased these for two separate rescues that I help support, one in Arkansas and the other in Wyoming. Warehouse personnel need to be observant when picking and packaging shipments to ensure that not only the product itself but any protective covering is not damaged.
By new g.
northern New England
cats, chicks...
May 27, 2016
I had forgotten we had this for the catbed of our 20+ year old Burmese for the last couple years before she died. I have some new chicks and didn't want the danger of a heat lamp inside. I use a basic 60-watt in a clamp lamp in the cage during the day, but didn't want to run it all night. I found the snuggle safe and pulled it out. it's in a box at the back of the cage, with shredded bedding over it. I put them inside the box and close a flap over the door for the night and turn out the light. They stop peeping and settle right in to sleep. I love that the snuggle safe will stay warm longer than the jars of water I was heating up before, and I don't have to worry about electricity and fires overnight when no one's around to keep an eye on them. This is a great product! I'm so glad we kept it around!!
holds heat for hours. easy to clean/disinfect (hard surface!). fits in the center of a round cat bed easily. great for keeping baby chicks warm in the brooder, as well as aged cats! so easy to heat in microwave. it is a hard surface, so having bedding to tuck over it is good. The chicks don't notice, and our catbed had a foam rubber layer that lifted for the original heating pad to fit in, so this went in there too and there was a 'floor' of padding then between the warmer and the cat. If the power goes out & you haven't warmed it yet you'll not be able to. (I find the cons very minor and this product is basically brilliant, but thought I would mention them)
By Michele
Birmingham, AL
Stays warm a long time!
April 17, 2016
Although I did not use the Snuggle Safe from this purchase - I had it mailed to a rescue group - I have used them for years! From orphaned kittens to senior pets to outside strays during cold weather. It is a great product and I have recommended it to many people. Just use the cover or a towel and do not let pet lie directly on the Snuggle Safe.
By Emily
United States
It exploded
March 27, 2016
We had been using it for a couple months for our hedgehog. One day we went to heat it up in our microwave and it exploded. White liquid was everywhere and we had to get a new microwave.
By Forever L.
Hermosa Beach, CA
It works!
January 14, 2016
Yes, it does stay warm a long time. The pad does remain on the hard side, but that's not a real concern. Cats sleep on the ground and concrete all the time. I would recommend it.
By Jo
Eugene, Oregon
My cats love them
December 11, 2015
This is the third that I have purchased. The oldest one recently had to be retired, my fault. If cared for properly, these will keep your pets cozy for many years. I have three tom cats who refuse to sleep inside, so I feel better knowing they will be warmer during the winter.
They stay warm a long time.
By Pat
Greenville, Georgia
A wonderful product
May 1, 2015
I rescue homeless Dachshunds and this has been a life saver. It keeps them warm and comfortable for hours. I have tried other types of heating pads but this is by far the best.
By Marian B.
Mandeville, LA
Best thing ever!
November 19, 2014
I have two feral cats that I've I love dearly, but keeping them warm in winter has been a struggle . . . until now! I used to warm their bedding blankets every day, several times a day, but that was just never long-lasting. Now, I have to make them get out of their beds in order to reheat the disks! They love them and stay warm all night long. This has been a life-saver for them and a relief for me as I know they aren't suffering in the cold. Thanks so much for this great and reasonably priced heating pad! Wish I'd heard about them sooner.
Works as advertised. Easy to heat and handle. Has a great little fleece cover. Best of all, keeps kitties warm all night! NONE.
By Robin
Not quite a heating pad.
November 8, 2012
I was a bit disappointed in the product as it is like a hard stone so doesn't seem comfortable. I wrapped towels around it and placed my puppy's fuzzy blanket over it but its still like sleeping on a rock which is difficult for dogs with thin coats like my weimaraner.
It's warm. It's easy. Hard as a rock.
By nancy
snuggle safe
November 6, 2011
i bought two of the snuggle safe disc for pets. i use one on my feet & the cats share the other. it is so wonderful hold the heat for 6-7 hrs. wrap in a towel & just fabulous.
By Torri
Life Saver
June 7, 2011
I have lost count of the kittens that I have rescued with the help of the Snugglesafe. I have also used it with my senior animals and various other \"rescues\". It is an awesome item. A must have if you do any animal rescues!
By Nancy
great product
March 4, 2011
I\'ve had a Suggle Safe for many years and used it for puppies and adult dogs. It\'s wonderful in winter to heat a covered crate when traveling with a dog. My old dog has it in her bed every night in our cold MN winter. Mine has been heated hundreds of times and still like new! Love it!!!
By James
Best Investment Ever
January 4, 2011
I live in Wyoming with two very small Chihuahuas. We all came up from AZ with a job transfer, and my little fur kids were VERY unhappy with the weather. This kennel warmer is ideal, safe, and stays warm for at LEAST the 12 advertised hours (if it stays under the blanket and doesn\'t get uncovered by busy little digging feet, it is as warm when I go to bed as when i put it in their kennel).
By Marsha
Pet Warmer
December 11, 2010
The pet warmers are wonderful and my dogs love them. Can\'t say enough good things about the pet warmers. I love them too!!!
By Feral M.
Peace of mind!
December 9, 2010
I have a feral cat who lives on my front porch. Last fall I bought two Sungglesafe heat pads to get her through the winter. I LOVE this product! It truly gives me peace of mind. I put a warm disk in her bedding in the morning and change it out for another 12 hours later and there is still warmth in the \"earlier\" pad! It\'s been near zero recently but I don\'t worry so much about her staying warm.
By Barbara S.
Wonderful Product
November 1, 2010
I LOVE this product. I live in Anchorage Alaska and all my dogs love riding in the car with me for errands etc. The big dogs stay warm snuggled up in blankets when it is cold outside, but the Snuggle Safe is a life saver for my toy poodle. I didn\'t believe it would really stay warm for 12 hours - but it does!!
You won\'t be disappointed with this product.
By Helen
great heater
October 27, 2009
I use the heat pad in an outdoor igloo for a blind ferrel cat. I put it in it\'s cover on and cover it with a fleece blanket. I first line the igloo with straw and then place a a small cat bed on the straw then line the cat bed with straw, then the covered heat pad and then the fleece blanket. It is toasty warm in there for hours. Helen
By Deb
October 26, 2008
I have two long-coat Chihuahuas, and they LOVE these discs. As soon as they see me take it out of the microwave (check your microwave\'s wattage to determine how long to put it in for), they follow me to their bed and immediately plant their fuzzy little bodies right on it. We always use the fleece covers they came with. We bought the first one over two and a half years ago and it is still working just fine. It is a chunk of money up front, but well worth the cost over time. It really does last eight hours, and sometimes longer if you put a fleece blanket over the top. We put them in the carrier under a blanket when we take the dogs in the car on cold days, and it\'s just really nice to be able to give them their warm \"stone\" on chilly mornings before leaving for work. Can\'t say enough about these things- I just love them! They are a BIG

Customer Q&A

1 Question & 1 Answer
from Illinois asked:
July 18, 2018
I have used 3 snuggle safes for years and really really like it for some outdoor cats that live in the neighborhood that sleep outside all winter long. They use the snuggle safe in the winter and have survived for years. I was just doing some summer cleaning where I store the snuggle safes and found one that rattles. It has something inside that is fairly large that sounds hard when I shake it. Please let me know if I should pitch it. The outside is still intake with no leakage. Thanks. Annette
1 Answer
Hi Marsha, please contact our customer service at 1-800-889-9475 and they will help you with any questions that you have.
Submitted by: Customer Service on May 17, 2019