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Signs your Pet may be Sick

A healthy pet is a happy pet. No one knows your pets as well as you do so make sure you act on the first odd behavior that your pet displays. Often times owners will try the wait and see approach but some sickness may need immediate attention before it gets worse. Here's 10 signs that your pet may be ill.
Your pet may vomit or experience diarrhea from time to time due to a change in diet or unfamiliar consumption. Such cases may not be of much concern but when there's blood, undigested blood in either their vomit or diarrhea, make sure you visit the vet right away! There may be parasites present or gastrointestinal issues.
Pay attention to how long your pet refuses to eat. An unusual period of time can be caused by a serious stomach ache issue. Your pet may refuse to eat their food in hopes of receiving human food; such cases should not be much of a concern. An increased in appetite can also show that they may not be receiving all the nutrients needed and should get checked on for cause of deficiency.

A straining pet or one having a hard time urinating may have bladder issues or a urinary blockage. Increased urination can also signal signs of liver, kidney or even diabetes problems. The first sign of a urinating problem should be of major concern!

Itchy skin or signs of hair losscan be caused by a deficiency in nutrition or a result of infestation or even parasites. Seek for help immediately at signs of excessive hair loss or bald spots as it could also be a sign of cancer.
Parasites and worms can cause rapid weight loss in pets. Observe their stool and vomit for any signs of tape worms. If no obvious signs are visible see a veterinarian regardless, your pet may be having some digestive issues that can cause rapid lost in muscle mass.
Irritated, unusually over active or even less active pets are signs that something is wrong. Lethargic or disorientation of your pet should all be signs of concern.
Pay attention to how your pet normally smells. A change in odor can be a cause of infection or disease. Ear infection can cause a nasty change in odor that can be detected by giving a sniff near their ears. A foul smelling mouth can be caused by dental problems and a full body odor may be issues of skin infection.

Excessive runny eyes and of the nose can be signs of diabetes, respiratory issues or at its worse, even cancer. Moderate levels of runny noses and eyes are normal for pets and should not be much of a concern.

Seek immediate attention at the first sign of an unusual breathing pattern. A shallow breathing pattern or even an excessive one may be a serious cause of concern. Like humans, our pets can at times experience some episodes of coughs but if the coughs persist then attention must also be given.
Increased in body temperature alone may not be of any concern, perhaps your pet had just finished actively running around, but coupled with any of the signs above can be an issue of concern. If you are not comfortable rectally taking the temperature of your pet you should seek a veterinarian for help, otherwise a normal resting dog and cat's temperature is around 101.5F. A reading above or below 103 or 100 should be of concern.

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