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Seresto Flea & Tick Collar for Large Dogs

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Seresto® is an easy-to-use, odorless collar that kills and repels fleas and ticks for 8 continuous months. It also aids in the treatment and control of sarcoptic mange and kills lice.

Whatever your dog brings home, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks.

Dogs will be dogs. Whether they get into the garbage can out back or dig up that old shoe in the yard, Seresto® for dogs can help keep them protected from fleas and ticks for 8 continuous months. The innovative Sustained Release Technology of Seresto® provides effective flea and tick protection in an easy-to-apply, non-greasy collar.

seresto-8mnth Truly unique technology for your dog.

Seresto® is a unique polymer matrix collar that offers a continuous supply of two active ingredients: imidacloprid and flumethrin for effective 8-month protection against fleas and ticks. That's one convenient, non-greasy, odorless flea and tick collar instead of 8 monthly treatments.

The active ingredients are stored within the collar. They are released in low concentrations and are distributed over your dog's hair and skin surface for 8 months. As active ingredients wear off over time, Seresto® for dogs continuously replenishes the skin and coat with a new supply of active ingredients. Fleas and ticks are killed through contact with the active ingredients — no biting required.

For 8 months prevention and treatment of ticks, fleas and lice on large dogs and puppies 7 weeks of age and older and up to 18 lbs. (8kg):
  • REPELS AND Kills fleas and ticks.
  • Repels and kills ticks for 8 months, including Deer ticks (vector of Lyme disease and anaplasmosis), American dog ticks (vector of Rocky Mountain spotted fever and ehrlichiosis), Brown dog ticks (vector of ehrlichiosis, anaplasmosis, bartonellosis, canine hemoplasmosis, babesiosis, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever), and Lone Star ticks (vector of ehrlichiosis).
  • Prevents tick infestations within 48 hours after application.
  • Re-infesting ticks are repelled and/or killed as quickly as 6 hours.
  • Treatment with Seresto kills fleas that may vector tapeworm infections (dipylidium caninum), bartonellosis (Bartonella vinsonii, Bartonella spp.), and rickettsiosis (Rickettsia felis), which are types of canine vector borne diseases.
  • Re-infesting fleas are killed within 2 hours with protection against further flea infestation lasting8 months.
  • Kills and repels fleas before they lay eggs.
  • Seresto aids in control of flea larvae in the dog's surroundings following contact with a Seresto-treated dog.
  • Kills chewing lice.
  • Aids in the treatment and control of Sarcoptic mange on dogs.
  • No need to remove collar when your pet goes swimming or gets bathed.
  • Bayer Polymer Matrix ensures that both active ingredients are continuously released in low concentrations.
  • Make sure to replace the collar after 8 months for year-round tick and flea prevention.
  • Light reflector for added visibility in the evening and at night.

  • *Seresto® is water-resistant and remains effective following a shampoo treatment, swimming or after exposure to rain or sunlight. Under normal conditions, effectiveness lasts for 8 months. In order to maintain an eight-month duration, dogs must not be bathed more than once per month. For dogs that swim once a month or more, the control duration is reduced to 5 months for flea control and reduced to 7 months for tick control


    Flumethrin* 4.5%
    Imidacloprid 10.0%
    Total 100.0%
    *Trans Z-1/trans Z-2 ratio: max 66% trans Z-1 and min 34% trans Z-2

    Useful Information

    One collar per animal to be fastened around the neck. Remove collar from bag directly before use. Unroll collar and make sure that there no remnants from the plastic connectors inside the collar.

  • Insert end of the collar through the buckle. Adjust the collar around the animal's neck without tightening it too tight or leaving it too loose.

  • As a guide, it should be possible to only insert 2 fingers comfortably between the collar and the neck.

  • Pull excess collar thru the loop(s). Collar length of greater that 1 inch (2cm) beyond the loop(s) should be cut off unless it is on a growing puppy, where some additional length may be needed for adjustment as the animal grows.

  • After application of the collar, three reflector clips may be fixed permanently to the collar to increase the animal's visibility in the dark. Take the clips out of the bag. The clips should be evenly distributed on the non-overlapping part of the collar. The clips are correctly applied when a clicking sound is heard. For safety reasons once the reflectors are fixed to the collar the clasp closes permanently and cannot be re-opened.

  • The collar should be worn continuously for the 8 month protection period. Check periodically and adjust fit if necessary, especially when puppies are rapidly growing. Rarely, mild application site reactions may occur, such as scratching, redmess and hairloss, which usually recover within 1-2 weeks without the need for collar removal. In some cases, temporary collar removal and bathing may be recommended until symptoms have disappeared. In very rare cases, application site reactions, such as dermatitis, inflammation, eczema or lesions may occur. In these instances, immediately. If your animal is on medicaiton, consult your veterinarian before using this or any other product.

    This collar is designed with a release mechanism. In the unlikely event of a dog being trapped, the dog's own strength is sufficient to widen the collar to allow for quick release. Replace the collar after 8 months for optimal tick and flea protection.

    It is a violation of federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Do not contaminate feed or food.

    Occasionally slight itching may be observed in animals that are not used to wearing collars in the first few days after fitting. ensure that the collar is not fitted too tightly. Slight hair loss and mild skin reactions due to the mechanical irritation of the collar may occur at the application site which usually recover within 1 or 2 weeks without the need for collar removal. For further guidance regarding individual animal sensitivities. In case of loss of collar, a new collar may be applied immediately. Do not attach a leash to the collar as this may cause breakage.

    Keep the collar in the bag and in the outer packaging until use. As with any pesticide product, do not allow small children to play with the collar or reflectors, or to put them into their mouths. Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothing. Wash thoroughly with soap and cold water after fitting the collar. People with sensitivity reactions to the ingredients of the collar should avoid contact with the collar. Choking hazard. Contains small parts. Do not place collar or reflectors in mouth. Not intended for use on humans.

    For external use on dogs only. Do not use on other animals. Do not use on puppies under seven weeks of age. Do not get this product in dog's eyes or mouth. As with any product, consult your veterinarian before using this product on debilitated, aged, breeding, pregnant, or nursing animals. Individual sensitivities, while rare, may occur agter using ANY pesticide product for pets.

    The Bayer Polymer MAtrix System ensures that both active ingredients are slowly and continuously released in low concentrations from the collar towards the animal. This avoids peak concentrations and ensures that concentrations of both active ingredients are present in the dog's haircoat during the entire efficacy period. The active ingredients spread from the site of direct contact over the entire skin surface.

    Seresto® FAQs

    When can I bathe my dog after application of Seresto® for dogs?
    We recommend bathing BEFORE applying product. Seresto® is water-resistant and remains effective following a shampoo treatment, swimming or after exposure to rain or sunlight. Under normal conditions, effectiveness lasts for 8 months. In order to maintain an eight-month duration, dogs must not be bathed more than once per month. For dogs that swim once a month or more, the control duration is reduced to 5 months for flea control and reduced to 7 months for tick control. There is no need to remove the collar for bathing. Please use a non-stripping, pet shampoo.

    How often can I allow my dog to swim when using Seresto® for dogs?
    Seresto® is water-resistant and remains effective following a shampoo treatment, swimming or after exposure to rain or sunlight. Under normal conditions, effectiveness lasts for 8 months. For dogs that swim once a month or more, the control duration is reduced to 5 months for flea control and reduced to 7 months for tick control. There is no need to remove the collar for swimming.

    How often can I bathe my dog when using Seresto® for dogs?
  • We recommend bathing BEFORE applying monthly product. The product can be applied once the pet is towel dried.
  • We suggest using non-stripping shampoos that are specifically designed for use on pets.
  • ‘Non-stripping’ shampoos are generally soap free formulations designed for general cleansing. Bayer makes a variety of shampoos that are non-stripping, general cleansing shampoos.
  • Seresto® is water-resistant and remains effective following a shampoo treatment, swimming or after exposure to rain or sunlight. Under normal conditions, effectiveness lasts for 8 months. In order to maintain an eight-month duration, dogs must not be bathed more than once per month. There is no need to remove the collar for bathing.

  • Customer Reviews

    Review Summary
    23 Reviews
    74% (17)
    0% (0)
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    9% (2)
    17% (4)
    74% Recommend this product (17 of 23 responses)
    By David H.
    Chocorua New Hampshire
    Awesome Collar
    July 16, 2015
    I live in The White Mountains of New Hampshire where deer ticks are very heavy along with fleas. Just a day after buying for all three of my dogs ticks were dropping off and no sign of any fleas. They are by far the best product I have found. I will be sure to tell all pet owners I know about them. You will be doing your four legged family a favor getting this collar.
    ProsNo more Ticks or Fleas.
    ConsExpensive but well worth it.
    By Bree
    Hudson, MA
    Just picked two ticks off my dog
    May 30, 2019
    Went for a mile long walk, she stuck her head in a bush for less than two seconds and came out with a tick on her nose that I noticed right away and got it off her... came home and searched her only to find another on her leg which DID bite her.

    Not only is Seresto an ugly collar for my princess, it doesn't work... I'm not happy right now.
    Cons- Ugly - Doesn't work
    By Ronda
    Powell Ohio
    Used several years, but
    May 27, 2019
    I have used Seresto for the past three years. Not once have I seen a tick, since purchasing, on either of my dogs.
    But this year so far, three ticks have been carried home. We have not changed where we walk/hike. We do not walk in brush, but the dogs have always liked to smell along the edge of brush and woods.
    I have told several families about how wonderful this product is, yet this spring I am finding myself very disappointed.
    ProsI have in the past not once seen a tick on either dog.
    ConsThis year, 2019, had three ticks on dogs.
    By Grayson
    Kansas City
    Seresto TRULY lowest price
    April 18, 2019
    Just as promised. 15% lower than anyone else, no shipping, no tax. Perfect.
    By Vic
    New York
    Removed it after a couple of days
    April 8, 2019
    The first 8 months were great, the second not the same. Made the dog extremely lethargic, stopped eating and was like a zombie.

    Removed the collar and gave him a thorough bath with Dawn dish soap and he came back to his usual playful self.

    Tossed away the collar will never use this product again.
    ConsSide effects
    By Jesse
    Atlanta, GA
    Soresto doesn’t provide expected protection
    June 4, 2018
    Last year our groomer recommended Soresto, and we immediately purchased one for our lab. We did not find any ticks so purchased another this year, about 5 weeks ago. Today the groomer found “the largest feeding tick she has seen†in her 15 years of grooming. I called Soresto and was told no product is 100% effective and pets in the south should be checked for ticks every time they go outside and we should purchase/use Advantix in combination with the Soresto collar. No mention of satisfaction guaranteed, which is advertised on the Soresto collar.

    I will not be buying anymore of these expensive collars! Very disappointed.
    Merchant Response:So sorry to hear about your experience with your lab. K9 Advantix is an excellent option as well. Wishing you and your lab the best.
    By Nellie
    Kalamazoo, MI
    Quality Product
    February 14, 2018
    This flea and tick collar was recommended by our vet and it really works well! It's non-irritating to the dog, easy for her to wear, and it lasts for several months.
    ProsIt can get wet (rain, swimming) with no problem to effectiveness.
    By CMc
    Easy, effective
    September 2, 2017
    The Seresto collar is easy to use (and it stays on the dog). It is effective, i.e., it works!
    By Katrina W.
    Hillsdale, NY
    What a savings
    June 22, 2017
    I have three dogs and have been looking at these collars for them. This was the cheapest site and they shipped right away.
    I had them in no time and my dogs have not had any issues with fleas or ticks since. I love the reflectors as well.
    ProsDon't have to worry for the next 8 months Reflectors work well
    By Karen
    Osceola, IN
    Flea Collar
    May 27, 2017
    I have bought this product before for my dog but at a higher price so liked your pricing. Also like the convenience that it last 8 months and you don't have to put stuff on their skin - didn't care for that. Highly recommend!
    By karen J.
    Great collar!!
    May 15, 2017
    Best collar ever! Only the best for my pup!
    ProsThey work for 8 months, not taken orally or rubbed on topically!
    ConsCollar comes off easily and is expensive to replace.
    By karen J.
    Great price!
    May 15, 2017
    3 pack is well worth the price! Best collars ever!
    By mike g.
    March 24, 2017
    Easy and. Effective
    ProsIt works.
    By Jane
    Orange, VA
    Worth the price
    March 18, 2017
    I have bought a Seresto collar for both my dog and my cat, and they work great. When my vet recommended them I was hesitant because of the price, but after I did the math I realized this would actually be cheaper in the long run. (Plus I could put it on them and forget about it for 8 months.) My cat has severe flea dermatitis in the summer, so my vet suggested the collar combined with a monthly dose of Frontline, and it has really helped!
    Merchant Response:Thank you for your feedback Jane! It's currently flea and tick season so please keep an eye out for any discounts that may become available. We want to provide the best products at the most affordable prices.
    By S
    Spring, Texas
    No fleas!
    March 15, 2017
    We live in Texas where fleas are part of living here., Seresto flea collar has keep both of my dogs free of fleas for 8 months. I just reordered my replacements for
    Stella and Chloe. We will be using these from now on. Just don't want to put the pills in their bodies any longer. Love love love Seresto! You won't be diss appointed. So easy to put on and they send a sticker to put on your calendar to remind you to reorder. Brilliant!
    Merchant Response:There are no fleas on me, There are no fleas on me, there may be bugs on some of those pugs, but there are no fleas on me. LOL, just read your review and made me think of the commercial's theme song. Thanks for the glowing endorsement!
    ProsEasy, no odor, great price
    By Scott
    Boston, MA
    Good value compared to vet.
    March 9, 2017
    This is the second year we've used Seresto collars on our dogs. Seem to be more effective than Frontline. We saved about 40% over what the vet charged us last year even with rebates.
    ProsEasy to use. No monthly maintenance required like Frontline. No mess.
    By B S.
    Rhode Island
    Very Dangerous Product: Seizures
    July 21, 2016
    We used Seresto collars last year with no problems. This year within a few days of putting new collars on, both Labradors developed severe itching at site. The older girl, age 10, very healthy as verified by Vet and bloodwork, etc., developed extreme bloody sores on neck and cheeks, extreme panting, and then had a first ever gran mal seizure and had to be put down, even after collar removed for several weeks. Many more pet owners have had this problem and stated it on Amazon reviews. We now only use wondercide, an all natural cedar oil product.
    ConsVery dangerous product. Can destroy your pet.
    By Pets N.
    Keeps ticks & fleas off our outdoor cat.
    June 10, 2016
    I bought this collar because it is excellent at protecting our outdoor cat from fleas and ticks. We just bought it and put it on the dog. She stays in the house most of the time, so I am hoping it does as good a job for the dog as it does for the cat.
    By Sheryl
    Altoona Pa
    Sees to flea and tick ca
    April 17, 2016
    used it on our dog last year,it did what they said it would do. Our dog is in fields and woods a lot we had absolutely no problem with fleas or ticks
    Prosno worries for 8 months
    By Ray
    Kills fleas, dead!
    February 27, 2016
    Last year my labs were infested with fleas after visiting a ranch in Texas (no fault of the rancher). The dogs were out running the ranch and ran through a large colony of fleas. We bought these collars last year and within a day all fleas were gone and the dogs were at peace again. I bought this years collars from Health Pets because of the price and the free shipping. I also like the reflective markers on the collars. I can find the dogs in the dark with a small flashlight and if by chance they should get out on the road, motorist will see them too.
    ProsGreat price. Free shipping. Collars work GREAT!
    ConsThere are no cons.
    By Temperance
    Birmingham, AL
    August 11, 2015
    This product had absolutely no effect on repelling fleas. I purchased three at the recommendation of the groomer for my indoor dogs and am very disappointed.
    By Jennifer
    Lascassas, TN
    Seresto collars
    August 6, 2015
    Great prices, no shipping makes this a very affordable flea treatment. Great service!
    By LIZ
    Brentwood, New Hampshire
    Seresto Flea & Tick Collar
    April 12, 2015

    Customer Q&A

    1 Question & 1 Answer
    from Pennsylvania asked:
    October 16, 2018
    I was told by Bayer that there are counterfeit collars on the market sold on E-bay and some on Amazon all made in China at a much lower price and are not effective at all. The container is almost a perfect match. Buyer must beware. These are the good ones. John
    1 Answer
    Hello John, yes these collars are authentic. We get these directly from the manufacture.
    Submitted by: Customer Service on May 22, 2019

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