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Senior Pet Care Guide

Life as a pet isn't as easy as you think. Playing fetch and around on the couch can wear out a dog or cat as the years pass by. Humans and pets definitely have one thing in common; their overall health declines as they age. Give your pet the attention he or she needs with a little assistance from your friends at Entirely Pets. This Senior Pet Care Guide can help deliver the youthful vigor your pet has in his/her younger years.


Elder dogs can benefit from medications like ProNeurozone that help protect senior canine brains from oxidative damage, improving and enhancing their brain's overall health.

There'll be no fat cats in your home with Cholodin Feline; the dietary supplement that keeps feline's physiques in tip-top shape.
Vita-Tabs Silver is your all-encompassing, multi-vitamin supplement that covers the bases for older dogs.
Cat brains aren't always as nimble as their kitten years but improvements can be made with Ceva Santa Animale Senilife.
If your dog has lost a step in the past few years, give him/her the newest generation of joint supplements with Joint Max Double Strength.
Cats can't stay nimble forever, but you can make it easier for him/her with Zuke's Hip Action Treats. Feed hip action and fuel the love!
By now, your dog has learned every trick in the business. Don't feel hesitant to offer him/her Joint Treats, the all-natural, low calorie treat that helps keep joints healthy.
A kitty treat with catnip? Your cat will be in heaven with Fit-Nip Treats for Cats & Kittens.
Kong never fails to accomplish the task of providing excellent toys for any pet, dog or cat, regardless of age or special needs.
The Kong Cat Wubba is the one true cat toy that stimulates the sense of sight, sound, smell and touch.
Give your dog the support it needs with the Bottom's Up Leash, the leash that provides comfort to dogs affected by hip dysplasia.
Aging cats need a little warmth that can be provided by the Allied Heated Pet Bed that makes any location comfortable.
Denestra is a nutritional supplement for dogs and cats that helps support liver, joint, and cognitive functions. It can help with reducing pain, stiffness, and inflammation associated with joint problems older pets experience.
Feline urinary problems don't need to be an issue anymore with HomeoPet Leaks No More.

For our full selection of product for elderly pets, visit our Senior Pet Product Store. You can also learn more about elderly pets and arthritis in our Pet Resource Center.