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Sam's Yams Bichon Fries (9 oz)

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Sam's Yams Bichon Fries (9 oz) are made from orange fleshed sweet potatoes and are a healthy alternative to commercial dog chews. These sweet potato french fry chews are highly nutritious, rich in antioxidants, and are excellent for your dog's teeth and health. Made in USA.
  • Sweet Potato dog treats have been grown on American Family farms.
  • Exclusive hard furrowed surface & patented design which helps cleans teeth & gums Naturally Good
  • No Wheat, No Corn, No Added Sugars
Front Porch Pets adds nothing artificial, no sweeteners, colors, or processed foods. Only human food quality, fresh sweet potatoes and nothing more. A vegetable-rawhide like chew that's perfect for smaller breeds as a rawhide alternative. Makes an ideal training treat.


Feeding Instructions: Safety first: As with any edible treat, monitor your dog while chewing. Offer daily as a healthy edible treat to promote clean teeth and gums. For smaller dogs, if necessary, break into smaller size. Always make sure your dog has access to plenty of fresh, clean water.

Useful Information

Sam's Yams are made of sweet potato only, but cut like French fries. Perfect for smaller breeds as a chew, or a treat for larger dogs. Can be used as a training treat. "Go Orange" says Sam. Nature provides us with food sources in a delicious array of colors, flavors & aromas. The most recent research shows us that this spectrum of color relates to a wide variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals contained within the food. These color varieties are part of our (and often our companion dogs') dietary heritage. "Go Orange" simply means ADDING foods that naturally container color hue of orange, generally an excellent source of beta carotene. The Center for Science in the Public Interest publishes the "Ten SuperFoods for Better Health," which lists Sweet Potato as #1 and calls this healthy root vegetable "A Nutritional All-Star. Loaded with Carotenoids and fiber." Our treats make a yummy and nutritious supplement to your dog's diet. Sam also says:
  • Dogs universally love the flavor of sweet potatoes.
  • Sam's Yams are features and exclusive hard furrowed surface & Patented design which helps clean teeth & gums
  • No highly processed anything, such as wheat gluten, refined sugars, corn, plastics, polymers, animal by-products, animal digest or rendered animal meat or fat.
  • Just a Pure Food sweet potato
Our Philosophy at Front Porch Pets:
We call our company Front Porch Pets, Inc. because we like the notion of folks walking their dogs, visiting with other folks in the neighborhood, and sitting for a spell on the front porch. Humans catching up, dogs catching up that's how it was in our neighborhood. It was real community and we want to encourage that community spirit. Animals are such an important part of our lives. The stories of our families and our neighborhoods so often contain the funny and amazing stories of our our companion animals have graced and blessed our lives. Sam's Yams is a tip of the hat to Sam, our neighbor's Golden Retriever who daily visted our Collie Misty. So let's keep them healthy and happy. You provide the love. We'll provide the treats. These treats have a US patent: #7,537,794 B2

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