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Safe Paw Ice Melter (8 lbs.)

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When winter snow and ice arrive many people use ice melters to keep their families safe from slips and falls.

Safe Paw™ non-toxic ice melt is guaranteed safe for pets. Concentrated pellets cover twice the area of rock salt, will not irritate pet's paws or skin, and it works in temperatures as low as 2° F. Timed-release formulation helps prevent re-icing for up to three days.

Veterinarians and Mothers both agree that Safe Paw is all about caring and not worrying.
  • Guaranteed Safe for pets
  • Guaranteed Safe for children
  • Guaranteed Safe on paws, eyes and skin
  • Guaranteed Safe on concrete and asphalt
  • Guaranteed Safe on lawns and shrubs
  • Guaranteed Safe on wood decking
  • Guaranteed Safe on floors and rugs
  • Guaranteed to work at low temperatures (-2F)
  • Guaranteed environmentally safe
  • Guaranteed non-corrosive
Directions: Apply liberally to snow and icy surfaces. In case of eye contact, flush thoroughly with water.

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