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Ricochet Horse Spray (Gallon)
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Ricochet Horse Spray (Gallon)

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Ricochet® Horse Spray helps keep coats shiny, healthy, and resilient to the effects of skin rashes, rain rot, and the like.

  • Ricochet® Horse Spray is a blend of essential oils for topical application. Ricochet® Horse Spray delightful refreshing citrus scent and is an asset to have in any barn. Ricochet® Horse Spray helps keep horse's coats shiny and healthy and resilient to the effects of skin rashes, rain rot, and the like. We all want to help our horses be happier and more comfortable, but traditional choices aren't always in our horses' best interest. Used all year round as a coat conditioner; Ricochet® Horse Spray is the hands-down favorite to give you and your animal peace of mind.
  • Ricochet® Horse Spray can be used for possible health issues including as an effective as an all-around horse spray and protecting skin and coat from the effects of sun, and other topical issues affecting the horse.
  • Ricochet® Horse Spray benefits include it being a great conditioner, has a pleasant citrus scent for both horse and rider, will not irritate skin or lungs, has easy application for hard to reach places (ears, muzzle, around eyes), creates a resiliency to effects of the sun, skin rashes, rain rot and the like, leaves their coat shiny and lustrous all year long, and keeps horses happy and smelling great during the hot summer months.
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