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Reptile Products Spotlight!

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Setting up a habitat for a reptile should imitate the reptile's natural habitat as closely as possible. This can increase the lifespan of a captive reptile. Weíve taken the liberty on expanding our reptile section with great new products to help you duplicate the habitat. Letís take a quick look at the essentials your reptile needs to get a terrarium or aquarium setup.

A proper lighting system is very important to your reptile's health and well-being. With so many types of lighting available, it can really be difficult to know which one your reptile needs. These products below will provide ample light for your reptile. Red Bulb
Red Reptile Bulb
Sunglo Highlights Blue Bulb
Sun Glo Bulbs Highlights Aquarium Bulbs R-Zilla Day Bulb


PowerSweep Filter Micropump 104


Setting up and maintaining a healthy habitat is vital. Some reptiles require a partially or fully aquatic setup, which involves a filtration system. There are many different filters to choose from, and it can get somewhat difficult in deciding which one is the best for your petís habitat. Here are some great filters.

Zoo Med Turtle Clean Filter Microclean 501 Filter

Decor Each type of reptile has its own specific housing requirements that are needed to promote proper health. There are basic guidelines that all aquatic and semi-aquatic pet habitats adhere to, and the following products will help you provide your pet with a safe and comfortable habitat.
plant weird Log Aquarium Log Repti-bark
Exo-Terra Water Plant Mopani Wood Floating Aquarium Log Repti Bark

Nocturnal Heat Lamp

Reptitherm Tank Heater
black bulb Repti-Thermal
Rock Heater white heater
Rock Heaters Repticare Heat Emitters
Since reptiles cannot produce their own body heat and rely on outside sources to warm or cool them, providing the proper temperature range in their habitats is critical. Thdere are many different kinds of heat sources that you can use, and reptiles vary widely in their heating requirements. These heating products will definitely keep your reptile warm.



Zoo Med Dried Shrimp Can O' Crickets
worms turtle
Can O' Worms Box Turtle Food

Reptiles generally have a diet that includes a number of different food sources, including prey animals and feeder insects. It's important to know what food to give to your reptile because the nutritional quality of the food will have a great impact on your reptile.

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