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Puppy and Kitten Guide

House Training

When bringing home a new pet it is important that they get trained on good and bad behaviors. House training your pet will teach them the proper places to go to the bathroom and help avoid accidents down the line.

Puppy training pads are the newest way of housebreaking puppies. The training pads contain a super absorbent polymer that converts liquid into gel allowing for easy clean up.
To condition puppies and kittens to stay away from certain areas try X-Mat Pet Training Aid. It gently puts weight on their pressure points.
Are you opposed to declawing your kitten? Then try Sticky Paws which is a great cost effective solution for stopping your kitten from eliminating in certain areas and scratching your furniture.
To prevent kittens from urinating anywhere in your home, use a pheromone spray that duplicates a kittens' natural scent gland. This also helps with behavioral problems like scratching, spraying, travel anxiety and multi-cat tension.
Another way to train a puppy from urinating on furniture, carpets, lawns or pavements is by placing drops of Train-Um on newspaper or in a box. Right after your puppies' meal, take them to their designated spot and they will sniff Train-Um. You will slowly notice your new puppy training themselves. This method also applies for the outdoors when you take your puppy out for a walk.

Play & Exercise

Be sure to play with your puppy or kitten since they are a bundle of energy. This allows you to give them the proper exercise they need to grow up healthy and strong. Give them toys that will get their energy flowing.

For puppies, get them a fetch toy that provides hours of fun and exercise. Fetch toys are perfect for the park, house lawn and even some light indoor tossing. You can even play tug-o-war or stuff them with tasty treats.
For kittens, get them a toy that will suffice their mischievous and playful behavior. A great toy for a kitten is one that mimics their primal instincts and allows them to bat it around.


New puppies and kittens love to chew! Give your pet the perfect teething toy to reinforce proper chewing habits. Teething toys are great remedies for aiding in the development of a healthy mouth, soothing sore gums and promoting essential play.


Grooming your new puppy or kitten keeps them looking and feeling their best. It promotes a healthy skin and coat. In addition, it helps alleviates shedding and hairballs. Groom your pet at an early age, so they will get used it throughout their life.
Keep your new puppy or kitten clean as well. Try and test out different shampoos since your pets' skin might be sensitive. A shampoo with an oatmeal or aloe formula is a good place to start because it will be gentle on their skin.
Be sure to clean your puppies' or kittens' ears. Cleaning their ears is important so you can prevent ear mites, wax build up, odor, and itchiness. Always keep your new pets' skin mind, so try an ear cleaner that is gentle and soothing on their skin.
Always be sure to keep your pets mouth and gums clean. Maintaining your new pets' dental hygiene early can avoid problems down the line, such as, oral disease and plaque. Use products that help reduce plaque while freshening your pets mouth.

Odor Removal

Keep your home odor free with pet safe home cleaners and deodorizers. This will keep your house smelling fresh and feeling clean. Accidents will happen so be prepared with these recommended products.

Puppies and Kittens