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New Puppy Guide

These come in different sizes and cool colors that perfectly suit your pet's need. All collars and leashes look great and are built to last. Choose a collar that is adjustable so that it will grow with your puppy. There are also retractable leashes which allow
Collars & Leashes Adjustable Collars Retractable Leadss
the puppy plenty of room to explore, while allowing you to keep control.
Puppies by nature are playful, so provide them with plenty of toys. Offer a variety so that all of your puppies' needs are met, especially something to sink their sharp little teeth into. Provide a few at a time so that your puppy does not lose

Puppy Chew Toys
Puppy Kong Nylabone Flexible
Puppy Chews
interest. Chews condition their teeth and gums; it provides exercise and just plain feels good.
Raw bones provide plenty of chewing time, while cleaning the teeth and making for a happy puppy.
There are a number of dry, canned and prepared raw diets on the market today. Look for those that use all human grade ingredients, with no chemical preservatives or additives. Plenty of fresh water should be available at all times. For larger
Otis and Claude
Lucy Pet Bowls
Simply Wild Chicken &
Brown Rice for Puppies
Popware Pet Bowls
breeds, many vets recommend a raised feeding stand, which allows for easier digestion and less air intake.
Grooming a puppy regularly from an early age will help the puppy to enjoy a good brushing. You will also want to clip your dog's nails. Starting at an early age, the dog will learn to tolerate its nails being clipped.
FURminator My
FURst Groomer
PetZoom Nail Groom Pet Health Soultions
Everyone needs a comfortable place where they can go and feel safe and warm. If you plan on crate training, a soft sheep skin mat placed inside the crate will provide comfort.
Orthopedic Heated Bed COOLAROO Pet Beds Quilted Thermo-Bed
Since they are still young you should anticipate mistakes. Keep a bottle of cleaner on hand for quick cleanup of potty mishaps.
Wee-Wee Pads Green Pet All-Purpose
Household Cleaner
Urine Off Odor &
Stain Remover
It's important to keep your puppy flea and tick free early. However, before treating your pet it is important to read all labels and consult your veterinarian. Depending on the topical and instructions, certain flea and tick controls should not
Frontline PLUS 0-22 lbs K9 ADVANTIX II
Small Dog
Advantage II
under 10 lbs
be given to puppies younger that 8 weeks old.