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People who have pets often consider them to be members of the family, and will go to great lengths to keep them healthy and happy. A great deal of pet health is based on prevention, and making sure pets are vaccinated and kept away from other potentially sick or vicious animals. However, if your pet does become injured, there are a variety of treatments which you might consider to make them well again, one of which is Vetericyn.

Vetericyn is an anti-microbial wound treatment for pets, based on the science of Microcyn, a similar medication for humans. It's a powerful treatment for infected injuries, and works by mimicking the immune response of animals and humans. An animal's immune system creates white blood cells called neutrophils to fight infection; the neutrophils do so by releasing an oxidative burst of oxy-chlorine compounds, which kill the pathogens in the infected area. Vetericyn contains compounds which replicate these chemicals, and kill the pathogens in the same way. Because of this, the medication is effective, while still being mild and safe enough to use as an eye, mouth or ear rinse.

Vetericyn is so safe because it mimics the body's own defenses, and also because it is mixed with a stable saline solution which can be used on any part of the body. In addition to clearing up an infection, it also helps to reduce inflammation and dermatitis caused by fungus, moisture, chafing, and other skin irritants. It can even kill E. coli, streptococcus, and Methicyllin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), while still being safe enough to receive five clearances from the Food and Drug Administration.

There are many places to obtain Vetericyn, including your pet's veterinarian. If you're interested in buying it online for a great price, check out Healthy Pets is an organization that promotes pet health by making quality pet care products affordable and accessible for almost anyone. Their aim is to strengthen the bonds between pets and their owners, and help educate owners about caring for their pets properly. They sell only products approved by the Food and Drug Administration and Environmental Protection Agency (such as Vetericyn), so anyone who purchases from them knows that they are getting safe and reliable pet products for a great price.

It is important to make sure that your pet's skin is healthy, because dermal irritations or infections can be not only uncomfortable, but in some circumstances, life-threatening. Vetericyn can help your pet overcome a variety of skin conditions, and is more effective than some antibiotics, and works gently with no side effects. It is made for dogs, cats, horses, and exotic animals, and the active compound is even available as a treatment for humans. If you are interested in trying Vetericyn, talk to your veterinarian about it, or visit Healthy Pets to purchase it on your own at a very reasonable price.