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Pet owners know that there are few things more irritating for both pets and humans than a flea infestation. Fleas can be painful, itchy and difficult to control. In extreme cases, they can also cause animals to lose their fur, spread blood diseases and infections, and cause severe anemia. With parasites threatening you, your pets, your home and your family, it's important to make sure that you're using a safe and effective treatment to get rid of them. One such treatment is called Program Flea Control.

Fleas reproduce incredibly quickly, and in such staggering numbers that an infestation can be very difficult to control. One flea can produce over two thousand eggs over its lifetime, and in warmer climates they can spawn year-round, meaning that if one flea finds its way into your house, you can find yourself overrun by them in a matter of days. Ninety-five percent of flea stages (eggs, larvae, et cetera) are present not on the pet, but in the home or other environment; therefore, getting rid of fleas and preventing re-infestation requires treating one's whole home, and not just the pet. The natural place to start, however, is to begin treating the pet, as it is on your animal that fleas feed. Program Flea Control can help you do that.

Program Flea Control is available for both cats and dogs, and is safe to use on animals that are pregnant or lactating. It is an oral flea medication in the form of a flavored tablet, which is mixed with an animal's food and administered once monthly. Program Flea Control works by preventing the development of the fleas' eggs and larvae, which is great because it means that if one adult flea is left alive it won't lay hundreds of eggs and start the infestation all over again; the downside to this is that it can take a few weeks to achieve maximum effectiveness. Fortunately, Program Flea Control can be used with other topical flea medications (those that are administered on an animal's skin, such as a gel or collar); with a topical medication killing adult fleas and an oral one killing the eggs, the infestation can be taken care of that much more quickly.

Program Flea Control is available from veterinarians and a variety of other sources, such as Healthy Pets. The mission statement posted on expresses the company's objective of bringing pets and their owners closer by educating owners, and giving them access to medications and other pet care supplies at a reasonable cost. Healthy Pets sells Program Flea Control, in both dog and cat formulas, and the varieties are color-coded according to pet weight. The medication can be purchased in both six- and twelve-month supplies.

For pet owners who are concerned about a flea infestation, Program Flea Control is a great option. It stops the infestation at its source, by preventing future generations of fleas, and is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. If you are interested in learning more about Program Flea Control, talk to your veterinarian, or visit and check out their selection.