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Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal

Is your cat or dog suffering from non-life threatening diarrhea?

Pro Pectalin

is an anti-diarrhea solution designed to help ease the gastric system of pets under stress, a change of diet, or any other similar situation causing general digestive issues. Pro-Pectalin Anti Diarrheal formulas are available in both a tab and gel form for convienent use. Through a combination of pectin, koalin and Enterococcus faecium, Pro Pectalin for diarrhea in dogs and cats s designed to restore the balance of good bacteria within the pet's digestive system. Pectin is a type of fiber commonly found in fruit, which is widely beneficial for the pet's digestive system. Koalin, a natural clay, helps absorb excess fluid builldup within the bowels. Finally, Enterococcus faecium is a freeze dried beneficial bacteria already found naturally in the digestive tracts of cats and dogs. It is this unique and effective combination that has made Pro Pectalin a veterinary recommended treatment for diarrhea in cats and dogs.
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