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Preventing Dental Disease in Cats

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Tarter, the hardened form of plaque can seriously impact the dental health of your pet. Your pet can develop plaque after each meal.

What Problems Can Tarter Cause?

1. First, it promotes the growth and multiplication of bacteria. These bacteria can enter the bloodstream through the gums and infect various internal organs. This may lead to heart, kidney, and liver disease.

2. Second, tartar can buildup on the tooth. As the tartar builds up it can damage the gums and allow bacteria to invade the bone and destroy the periodontal ligament. This leads to abscesses and loss of the tooth. Additionally in cats it may lead to destruction of the outer enamel layer of the tooth.

There are many ways you can prevent tartar from forming. Here are four of the most simple solutions.

1. Feed dry food designed to reduce tartar formation. Large kibble must be chewed rather than swallowed whole. It also contains large particles of fiber that help scrape the plaque off the tooth.

    2. Brushing your pet's teeth daily will also help keep the tartar away. Use non-foaming toothpaste that is flavored for pets like CET Pet Toothpaste. Not all cats will tolerate this. CET chews for cats will also help teeth stay cleaner plus make your cat happy.
    4. The most important method is to have regular dental exams and have the pet's teeth cleaned before the tartar causes any damage to the teeth and gums. In some individuals this may need to be done every six to twelve months.


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