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Importance of Play and Exercise for your Pets Health and Longevity

Play and exercise keeps your pet's respiratory and circulatory system in good health. It helps keep your pet's weight in check, maintains muscle definition and keeps joints flexible. Exercise and play also releases energy, relieves boredom, and keeps your pets mind active. Exercise is especially important in elderly pets; however their abilities may vary depending on their health. The more time you spend with your pet, the better bond you create and ultimately a more fulfilling relationship results. Ideally your pet should be played with and exercised daily.

How do I get my dog to start exercising if I don't have time?

Not everybody has the time or energy to entertain their dog at all times. Moderation may be the most important exercise tool of all. Moderation can be 20-30 minutes a couple of times a day or even a commerical break. A good fetch toy can start off with a treat involved to have your pet motivated.

Once your pet is motivated he won't care where he is fetching for that tasty treat. It's always good to have your pet become familiar with an item by having them associate their favorite treat with it. A dog's body language is one great way of recognizing if they want to go out and play or if they just want to stay at home at relax.
Tug-of-war is a good game as well, but can sometimes get out of hand. It is important to keep strict rules in game like this, so that nobody gets hurt.
If your dog loves water try having him or her retrieve object tossed into the water. This is particularly fun on hot days, plus it will help your dog cool off.

When should I start exercising my pet?

Preferably the best time to start is when your pet is young. However, no matter your pets' age, exercising is beneficial.

Toys for Dogs

Toys for your dog should not be too heavy but have to be large enough so they can't be swallowed.

Otis and Claude Toys

How to play and exercise with your cat?


Cats love to play with moving objects, pretty much any small light weight object. They will chase it, stalk and pounce on it, bat it with their paws, practicing the necessities of life. Some cats can even learn to fetch. The possibilities are endless, particularly if you pay attention to how your cat plays and adapt them to create new games. Play with your cat daily. It is very rewarding for both of you. Best of all, if you play with your cat before bed time they will let you sleep through the night.

Hours of fun!

For hours of fun and exercise check out the Otis and Claude Climb. One of our most popular items with pet owners and their cats! This stylish condo for kitties will definitely be the talk of the town.

Toys for Cats

Like toys for dogs, cat toys should not be too heavy yet still be large enough so that they can't be swallowed. String or yarn isn't recommended as your cat can ingest it and cause serious digestive problems.

Variety is important so play different types of games and modify your pets' favorite games to keep him enthusiastic. Both cats and dogs love playing because it is fun and will do so through their life, encourage them to have fun!
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